Why an Event Space is Important for Your Business

Why an Event Space is Important for Your Business

If you are holding a business event in California, a small town friendly atmosphere like Downtown Campbell is a great location. Villa Ragusa has built its reputation on an attractive modern classic European style, full-service catering and top quality event venue services.

Renting an event space has a basketful of benefits to your small business in California.

Visual Appeal

An event venue with unique architectural elements and a stunning interior has a way of creating an exciting and comfortable feeling among the attendees. They associate the excellent class with organization and success, values that you want to demonstrate to the clients or other stakeholders.

The decorative lighting, coupled with big and airy spaces, creates a comfortable environment for a business meeting. Thus, you can have an intimate discussion and achieve your objectives.


Memorable Meetings

Event spaces such as Villa Ragusa have exceptional amenities that make the event truly memorable. Great ambience in a quiet, small-town atmosphere and outdoor balconies makes the idea of being outside the workplace a great one. Your attendees are more likely to remember even the tiniest of details because the event venue left a big impression on them.

Professional Services

You do not have time to micromanage every detail in a meeting, such as food. You need an event space that is going to do all the legwork to make the meeting successful. Everyone does not provide professional services such as skilled catering, event management and exceptional amenities. Make sure you choose the right venue to make the event truly successful and memorable.

Villa Ragusa is a flexible and genuinely professional event venue that your business needs. You can hold a stakeholder meeting or award presentations for the staff. You can also use the event space to launch a new product or service. Contact us today.

Banquet Halls in Silicon Valley That Allow Outside Catering

Banquet Halls in Silicon Valley That Allow Outside Catering

Everyone wants a picture-perfect event, with attention to detail. We all have different tastes and preferences, which most banquet halls or event places may not accommodate. In such a case, outside catering comes in handy. In Silicon Valley, there are not many event places that allow outside catering.

Here is What You Receive at Villa Ragusa


For outside catering, it is a requirement to purchase beverages from Villa Ragusa. The event place provides barware unless you bring your own. We will require an on-site catering manager to ensure that everything flows smoothly.

Normally, there are about 7 bar packages you can choose from to entertain your guests. The simple package includes soft drinks and juice, while the essential package is juice soft drinks and a cash bar. You may prefer the usual package: a cash bar, tab bar, juice, and soft drinks.

The traditional package has house wine, tap bar, juice, soft drinks, and a cash bar. On the other hand, the “priceless” package incorporates Well Brands, cash bar, house wine, tap beer, juice, and soft drinks.


Sit down dinners at the reception and buffets can be done with your own caterer. For the guidelines that your caterer needs to follow, please see our catering information.

Premium brand liquor, Well Brands, draft beer, house wine, soft drinks, and juice are in the “finest” package. The full package will have everything mentioned plus bottled water, premium wine, and champagne.

Catering Capacity

Villa Ragusa has up to 6 galleries with different capacities. The gallery with the lowest capacity is The West Gallery, which can accommodate up to 170 guests. The Grand Gallery is the highest with a capacity of 600 guests.

Please note that all the room rentals are according to a 5-hour period. You can still arrange for additional hours at an additional fee.

Day of Coordination

Our team will be on hand to help ensure that the day becomes a memorable one. The event team will maintain good cooperation and communication with the vendors, and help with the ceremony rehearsal, as well as, help the ushers on the big day. Our people will also set up the reception and help on the day of the reception.

At Villa Ragusa, our goal is to ensure that everything turns out as you had imagined. Contact us if you are looking for a banquet hall in Silicon Valley that allows outside catering.

Getting Corporate Event Venue to Accept Your Caterer

Getting Corporate Event Venue to Accept Your Caterer

When putting on a corporate event in Silicon Valley, you’re sure to have a diverse crowd. One of the difficulties with venues is getting them to accept the caterer you use to meet the dining requirements of your diverse crowd. Villa Ragusa understands the needs of companies and is one of the very few that happily allows outside caterers.

Dietary Needs of Attendees

There are many special dietary needs in a corporate event crowd. You’ll likely hear from attendees of your event that they need special food prepared for their meal breaks. You’ll likely be asked for vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, kosher and Halal. Most companies rely on caterers that can handle these food requests.

Unfortunately, in and around the Silicon Valley, most venues for corporate events won’t allow any outside catering in their facilities. This puts the company in a real bind, as their attendees need that special menu or they cannot eat on site. If they cannot take advantage of the convenience of eating onsite with other attendees, this is a deal breaker. They won’t attend.

Villa Ragusa has a plan in place to accommodate your caterers. We want to make sure your event is a huge success, and we understand that foods for special dietary needs is something every company must provide for their attendees.

Outside Catering Guidelines

We have guidelines in place for when your event needs to bring in an outside caterer. Of course, we’d love to prepare a special menu, but our kitchen isn’t set up to do catering for gluten-free, kosher, halal and other specialty foods. So, we have set up a process that ensures your caterer will be able to bring in their foods and your event will go on without a hitch.

See our Outside Catering Guidelines and begin the process long before your scheduled date.

Beautiful Wedding Venues That Allow Outside Catering

Beautiful Wedding Venues That Allow Outside Catering

Outside catering is now a thing and there is one wedding venue that allows outside catering in the Silicon Valley. That venue is Villa Ragusa. We feel that our guests should have the caterer that they want, in order to make their wedding reception perfect. So, we’re happy to help you have your reception menu any way you’d like it to be.

Wedding Venues That Allow Outside Catering

It is unusual for wedding venues to allow outside catering, but Villa Ragusa gives you that option. Outside catering is no longer for just the budget-minded wedding couple, it’s for even the most extravagant weddings, too.

When you use your own caterer you can have those perfect dishes only their chef can create. Have specialized menus featuring out of the ordinary cultural entrees and provide menus for specialized diets. You can create any type of meal when all the options are open in the Silicon Valley for your wedding reception.

Outside Catering Guidelines

You’ll need to plan ahead if you won’t be using the in-house caterer at Villa Ragusa, because we do have some guidelines that need to be followed. Here are a few tips you need to know for planning your event with your own choice of caterers.

  • December is the only month where we cannot accommodate an outside caterer.
  • The caterer must be a city-licensed, health department approved professional.
  • Your caterer must do a walk-through with Villa Ragusa a month before your event.
  • The caterer needs to have an onsite manager during service.
  • Alcoholic beverage service will be provided by Villa Ragusa.
  • There are guest minimums to meet for outside catering. Each event room has its own minimum.

How to Use Your Own Caterer

We’re happy to have your choice of caterer at your event at Villa Ragusa. Please ask about our catering policies when you contact us for event information.

Outside Catering Facts You Need to Know

Outside Catering Facts You Need to Know

There is one thing event centers and venues rarely let you do and that’s use an outside caterer. However, there is one event venue that’s an exception to that in Campbell, CA.

Outside Catering

When you need to use your own caterer for your company party or conference, Villa Ragusa wants you to be able to do that. So, they offer outside catering for your event. You can use any licensed caterer that you choose. It’s important to us that our guests have a wonderful experience when using our facility and having the menu and food preparation they need is big part of a splendid experience. We understand that at Villa Ragusa.


There are some guidelines that need to be followed when bringing in your own caterer. This is something that needs to be planned for from the beginning of your reservation for your company event.

Our Outside Catering Guidelines file has all the information that you need for planning for your event when using your own caterer. You have your choice of any caterer that fits your needs, however the beverages must be provided by Villa Ragusa. We offer a full range of soft drinks, hot drinks, beer, wine, along with well and premium brands of liquor.

It’s important to plan well ahead when using your own caterer. This caterer must be approved by our banquet office, must be licensed and have a valid health certificate. The caterer will need to do a walk-through of our rules to make sure they understand what is expected at Villa Ragusa. Additionally, your caterer will need to provide an on-site manager during the event.

We want to make sure your gathering is perfect and your guests have an enjoyable time with your company party or conference. We have found that a few necessary rules will ensure everything is enjoyable for all in attendance. Give us a call about our outside catering policies.

Outside Catering Choice Offered at Event Center for Your Reception

Outside Catering Choice Offered at Event Center for Your Reception

When you want your reception to be absolutely perfect and just like the ideas you have for it, you are going to need outside catering. Villa Ragusa is rare by allowing the bride and groom to have any professional caterer they choose. There are some guidelines that need to be followed, however.

Outside Catering

Villa Ragusa offers both in-house catering and outside catering choices. We’d love to cater your wedding right on site, however we completely understand if you have your heart set on a particular caterer for your wedding reception. And we are happy to help you to do that.

In the interest of safety and a smooth catering operation, we do have some guidelines that must be followed. This will ensure your guests have the very best experience and your caterer is familiar with the facilities at Villa Ragusa ahead of time to plan for your event.

While we allow the food to be catered by any cater you choose, all beverages must be handled by Villa Ragusa. So, plan to have all soft drinks, beer, wine and liquor to be served by the Villa Ragusa staff.

When you choose a caterer for your wedding reception, you must use one that has a valid business license and a current health certificate. You should verify this information well ahead of time to avoid any very unpleasant, last minute surprises.

There are number of guest minimums to meet for outside catering. These are the minimum number of guests broken down by which room is rented:

East Gallery –150 guests
Campbell Gallery –100 guests
West Gallery –100 guests
East Gallery Combination –350 guests
West Gallery Combination –250 guests
Grand Gallery –450 guests

If you’re thinking of using outside catering, take a look at our guidelines now. We’re happy to help you plan a successful event and provide many helpful suggestions to make this easier. Call us to make an appointment to discuss your plans. We hope to see you soon.