Morale Building for Your Top Salespeople or Employees

Morale Building for Your Top Salespeople or Employees

Contemporary workplaces have become gloomier, and days of employees whistling and skipping into the office are behind us. Well, not yet, but almost!

A recent Gallup poll of American workers shows that up to 70% are actively disengaged at their workplace. So what do you do to improve the morale of your salespeople or employees?

Let the Employees Narrow their Focus

Multitasking is now standard with technology. Employees are doing research online and checking their email while on a call. However, multitasking is detrimental to work efficiency and productivity.

Encourage the employees to focus on one thing at a time. Also, avoid distractions every day, such as emails and coaching. Set aside one day every week for one-on-one meetings. An event space, such as Villa Ragusa, can accommodate a large group of employees or salespeople.

Provide Clear Feedback

Constant feedback is a recipe for happy and engaged salespeople. It is always essential to critique the performance of your staff regularly and offer advice. Use the sales performance metrics to provide a sales critic. Your opinions should be realistic and fair.

Reward hard work and improvements through parties and gifts. Yearly parties at event places such as Villa Ragusa will make your employees feel valued.

Encourage Creative Thinking

Lack of creative and strategic thinking makes the job uninteresting. The team misses out on fantastic ideas that could translate to improved sales and better competitiveness.

As a manager, you should create an environment where new ideas and creativity can thrive. Allow the sales reps to try new tactics to push sales. Let everyone pitch their ideas, and if they do not work, they will be a great learning platform. The team will adapt quickly and grow in confidence because they feel important to the organization.

Finding the Best Event Venues in Silicon Valley

Finding the Best Event Venues in Silicon Valley

Admittedly, the outcome of your event largely depends on the choice of the event venue, among other factors. Of course, the goal as an event organizer is to create a memorable experience for everyone that shows up. But how do you do that, and especially so if the event is in Silicon Valley?

Here’s a checklist to help you make the decision.


Easy accessibility to the event venue is as important as the event itself. The attendees will not fancy the idea of having to travel long distances from major roads or the struggle of finding a good parking spot. An inaccessible location can quickly drain out the excitement.

Well, the small-town friendly atmosphere of Downtown Campbell is one of the factors that make Villa Ragusa a suitable event venue. Accessibility to the building and the amenities are accommodating, including for those with special needs.


The architecture and interior decor of the event venue must always match the desired feeling of your event. Villa Ragusa boasts a classic European style with a touch of modernity to create the perfect setting for a high-tech or upscale event.

Services and Amenities

Every attendee to an upscale event expects top quality services and amenities in an event venue. Things like American classic appetizers and highly qualified staff always at your service goes a long way to create the best experience.

The interior decor and items such as tables, chairs, and linens at Villa Ragusa save you a great deal of money and effort that would have gone into the attempt to match your favorite theme. That is not to mention friendly serving staff and event managers that understand your needs and expectations.

The events team at Villa Ragusa is highly qualified for a glamorous wedding with a capacity of up to 650 people.

Getting Corporate Event Venue to Accept Your Caterer

Getting Corporate Event Venue to Accept Your Caterer

When putting on a corporate event in Silicon Valley, you’re sure to have a diverse crowd. One of the difficulties with venues is getting them to accept the caterer you use to meet the dining requirements of your diverse crowd. Villa Ragusa understands the needs of companies and is one of the very few that happily allows outside caterers.

Dietary Needs of Attendees

There are many special dietary needs in a corporate event crowd. You’ll likely hear from attendees of your event that they need special food prepared for their meal breaks. You’ll likely be asked for vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, kosher and Halal. Most companies rely on caterers that can handle these food requests.

Unfortunately, in and around the Silicon Valley, most venues for corporate events won’t allow any outside catering in their facilities. This puts the company in a real bind, as their attendees need that special menu or they cannot eat on site. If they cannot take advantage of the convenience of eating onsite with other attendees, this is a deal breaker. They won’t attend.

Villa Ragusa has a plan in place to accommodate your caterers. We want to make sure your event is a huge success, and we understand that foods for special dietary needs is something every company must provide for their attendees.

Outside Catering Guidelines

We have guidelines in place for when your event needs to bring in an outside caterer. Of course, we’d love to prepare a special menu, but our kitchen isn’t set up to do catering for gluten-free, kosher, halal and other specialty foods. So, we have set up a process that ensures your caterer will be able to bring in their foods and your event will go on without a hitch.

See our Outside Catering Guidelines and begin the process long before your scheduled date.

How to Save Money on Wedding Reception Venue

How to Save Money on Wedding Reception Venue

Saving money is what most couples try to do when planning their wedding. This celebration can easily turn into a $50,000 wedding, and that’s not a good reception budget for many couples. So, here are a few ideas on how you can save money and still have the same lavish wedding reception that you’ll remember fondly for a lifetime.

Saving Money on a Wedding Reception

The best place to save money starts with the wedding reception venue that you choose. Of course, you want an incredible place for your reception! Well, the good news is, you don’t have to scrimp. You need to make just a couple little adjustments.

Your Reception Date

You can save up to 50% on an incredible venue, like Villa Ragusa. How? Well, it’s easy. Schedule your wedding reception on one of the days Villa Ragusa offers discounted rates. You’ll receive everything you would normally receive at the full rate. If the date you choose is one of their days that are harder to book, then you’ll get a wonderful discount. So, don’t be shy. Ask for the nonprime dates.

Outside Catering

You might be able to find a less pricey caterer to do the meal at your wedding reception. There is a fee that will need to be paid to the venue when using your own caterer,  but do the math. It might be worth it to use a professional caterer that you already use for other events.


Think outside the box a little and you will be able to find inexpensive entertainment for your wedding reception. You might be able to find student musicians instead of professional acts, photobooths are less expensive than theatrical performers and a DJ is less costly than a full band.

Keeping Costs Down

It is too easy to spend more than is in the budget when it comes to weddings. Do your homework and ask friends for ideas, too. You’ll find you can shave many thousands of dollars from the cost of your reception.

Party Venues in San Jose for Your Next Bash

Party Venues in San Jose for Your Next Bash

When you’re planning a private party for your birthday, milestone anniversary or a family reunion, there is one party venue in San Jose that’s perfect for guest lists up to 700 people. Villa Ragusa is a very elegant space for those looking for some nice ambiance in addition to just a place to hold the event. Here are some of the features of this venue.

Party Venue in San Jose Area

Villa Ragusa is a party venue that’s just outside of San Jose, CA. Its actual location is in the town of Campbell, which just on the outside of San Jose.

Villa Ragusa offers several room sizes on their upper level for your private event and all rooms have balcony access. The balcony is a popular feature with party planners. It allows the guests a quiet area to have conversations while enjoying a cocktail and the beautiful Campbell view.


Catering is far easier at Villa Ragusa than most event venues. Villa Ragusa will allow you to use a caterer of your choice, whereas typically, other venues require you use their in-house caterer. Villa Ragusa has in-house catering, also, but leaves that option open if you need to use your own caterer.

There are some guidelines that need to be followed when using your own caterer. Please review them early on in the process as there are requirements that need to be met. Your caterer might need extra time to coordinate with Villa Ragusa.

Parking at Villa Ragusa

There is a small parking area at Villa Ragusa, but most party guests will be using the additional parking lot that is close by. It’s an easy walk from the parking lot to your room.

Book Your Party

If you need a party venue in the San Jose area, give our staff a call: 408-364-1900.

Beautiful Wedding Venue in Silicon Valley

Beautiful Wedding Venue in Silicon Valley

An old-world, European style bank in Campbell, CA, has been turned into one of the more popular wedding venues in the Bay Area. Its marble floors and mahogany accents add that romantic charm that is perfect for your wedding reception or engagement party.

Wedding Venue

While there’s no outdoor setting at Villa Ragusa that would work as your wedding venue, the inside is beautiful and perfect for weddings up to 600 guests. The grand, marble staircase encased in mahogany handrails sets a mood of romance for your special occasion and doubles as a photoshoot area for the bride and groom.

Upstairs your room will be open with chandeliers above the ornately set tables for your guests. Villa Ragusa will be handling the setup and catering for your wedding reception unless you’ve arranged for a caterer of your own choosing.

Every event room at Villa Ragusa includes a dance floor and wraparound outdoor balcony for your guests. You’ll have choices of room sizes that can fit anywhere from 200 hundred up to 600 guests.

Help with Planning

The event coordinators at Villa Ragusa love to lend a hand and will give suggestions for your wedding, if you need them. There are so many choices in a world full of ideas, so they help you narrow down the choices.


Parking can always be a challenge anywhere in Silicon Valley, including Campbell. Villa Ragusa has a small onsite parking lot, but most of the wedding guest parking is in the lot we use just up the street. It is a very short walk. This parking lot is provided with the event space rental for your wedding.

Wedding Venues

It’s your special day that you’ll remember for the rest of your lives. It’s important that you have a beautiful spot with the full support of the staff at Villa Ragusa for this wonderful day, the 1st day of the rest of your lives. Give us a call.