Event Space in San Jose Featuring Romantic Balconies

Event Space in San Jose Featuring Romantic Balconies

There are many event spaces in San Jose, but when it comes to weddings Villa Ragusa stands out as one of the most beautiful and romantic buildings.

Event Space in San Jose

Originally, Villa Ragusa, an event space in San Jose, was a bank with many architectural accents of marble and mahogany. It was redesigned as an event center, becoming one of the most popular spaces for wedding receptions.

Adding to the building’s design from an era gone by are the beautiful balconies that enhance the beauty of every event room. There is something about balconies with ceiling to floor sheer curtains that bring romance to the ambiance. Guests can sit outside to enjoy a quieter area to sip wine and socialize with friends while overlooking the city of Campbell.

Parking Space

Parking can be an issue at event centers, but there is plenty for your event at Villa Ragusa. We have a limited amount of space around the building, however there is a very close parking facility that will handle the guest parking for your event. It is just few steps to Villa Ragusa.

Type of Events

Villa Ragusa handles just about any event you are planning. We are a very popular location for wedding receptions, engagement parties, anniversary and birthday parties and other private gatherings for your friends and family.

We offer a dance floor for your event as well as a full bar and catering. If you’d like to use your own caterer, we are one of the rare event spaces in San Jose that will allow outside catering. We are happy to support whichever professional caterer that you choose. We want to make sure your event is as perfect as possible for your celebration. Give us a call to discuss the event you’re planning. We’re ready to help you.

Wedding Venues That Allow Outside Catering

Wedding Venues That Allow Outside Catering

In the San Jose, CA, area there are very few wedding venues that allow outside catering. Almost all of these venues you might want to use for your reception will require that you use their in-house caterer. For most couples that is a big disappointment. There is one incredibly beautiful venue that does allow you to pick your own caterer, however.

Wedding Venue That Allows Outside Catering

Sometimes a wedding will have a special menu for religious reasons, health reasons or just because a certain type of food is part of the wedding theme. So, you’d think that all venues would allow the bride and groom to choose their own caterer. Sadly, most don’t. There is one wedding venue that does allow outside catering, however.

Villa Ragusa is a beautiful venue that many couples use as their wedding reception location. Not only is the place a very beautiful former bank with airy balconies, marble and mahogany architectural accents and gorgeous tile floors, they allow you to choose any caterer you would like to have. If you don’t want to have the menu responsibility, then our in-house catering has several menus from which to choose.

There are some outside caterer guidelines that need to be followed when using your own caterer, but they are all requirements you’d expect to have when it comes to serving food for guests. The caterer will be required to walk through our facility and speak to staff, so planning well in advance of your wedding is a must. The caterer needs to find out what equipment we have in our kitchen to make sure they have everything they need to serve your guests.

If you’re planning your wedding now, contact us as soon as possible to find out which dates are available. We do get fully booked far in advance and we want to make sure you are able to reserve your ideal date.

Event Center with European Style for Business Conferences

Event Center with European Style for Business Conferences

The beauty and style of the event center you choose for your business conference adds to the enjoyment and participation of the attendees. You have location options that go far beyond bland ballrooms.

Event Center

Villa Ragusa’s event center is located in downtown Campbell, CA, a charming city known for its cute boutiques and shopping. The building was originally a bank that was built with some old world European features like mahogany and marble accents. One such feature is the grand staircase that takes guests up to the 2nd floor to the event rooms.

Every room has curtained doors that open out to the balcony that surrounds the building. Event guests enjoy a break from activities by sitting outside and networking with other attendees over cocktails. The amazing view of the downtown area is always an easy conversation starter.


Villa Ragusa offers choices in catering that ensure you have the menu that works well for your conference or business party. We are the rare event center that is happy to work with your favorite caterer, if you need outside catering. When you’d like to enjoy the convenience of in-house catering, we have several menus from which to choose for your event.

Cocktails are offered as an option so that you can have a cash bar at your event with all the expected brands of liquor, wine and beer. We will provide bartending staff and everything needed for service.

Waitstaff can help with a banquet style meal, snacks display or elegant table service. We will help you plan your catering and beverage service to meet the needs of your business gathering, luncheon or conference.

Villa Ragusa

Villa Ragusa has been helping corporations put on their events since 2002. We can accommodate up to 650 guests or as little as 50. Give us a call to discuss your needs for an event center for your conference or company party.

Event Space Trends for 2019

Event Space Trends for 2019

Keeping up with the times is important, even for your event space for your business conference, meetup or company party. Following a new trend or two ups the game and makes for a more enjoyable time for employees and guests. Here are a few new ways of visualizing an event to part with the same old same old.

Event Space

Upcoming trends for event space gatherings shake things up a little. Some new ways of doing things grabs an attendee’s interest and gets their sense of wonder going. Out are the hotel ballrooms and windowless rooms in the basement at your company. In are fun and innovative surroundings.

Go Local!
For 2019, support your local unique event centers. The more interesting and unusual the building, the most enjoyable and special your event’s guests are going to be. So, find that old, elaborate bank building, the former church turned event center and building that used all recycled glass and plastic in its construction! The key is to find the most unique and awe-inspiring building, but sitting right there in your own city.

Match Your Brand
Try to find an event space that speaks to your brand. If your event will cater to millennials then maybe whiskey tasting and trendy finger foods like avocado everything. For a senior crowd, a restaurant or movie theater with a theme of the Summer of Love, Disco or a hippy theme would be a fun experience.

Villa Ragusa

Villa Ragusa is an event space that is one of the trending, stylish spaces you can use to keep with trending local locations. As a former bank, you’ll find our building’s architectural style rich with marble and mahogany accents. Give us a call today to discuss your company’s event and your needs for a space and catering.

Unusual Things Your Event Space Might Require

Unusual Things Your Event Space Might Require

Sure, you know you’ll need to pick the right size of a room for your event space and need to pick a menu for the caterer, but these days you’ll likely be asked for things you’ve never considered before.

Event Space

The event space you choose for your event might have what seems to be unusual requests of you. Here is a heads up on things you might need in order to rent that space for your event.

Liability Insurance

Most people would assume that the liability insurance comes with the event space. That is not always the case. Many venues will require your company to provide a rider on your business insurance to cover them in the case of a mishap.

Flexible Dates

The venue might ask you if you’re flexible on the date of your event. If you are planning early enough, you might be. This can save you a lot of money, if you choose a date that the venue would prefer that you use. If your ideal dates fall on a weekend or on a holiday, these could be prime days for the venue. If you can put on your event any time, then choose a discounted day to save a little money. It is the same room in the same wonderful venue, why not save money?


Are there any guests attending your event with special needs? You need to know if any guests will be needing an elevator, wheel chair access or other accommodation for the event space.


Some venues have adequate parking for events and others use overflow parking lots nearby when they have big events. You might be asked how many parking spaces you’ll need.


Keep in mind that renting an event space involves signing a contract. You’ll need to carefully consider everything in that contract. Never assume it is just standard and that you know what is probably in it.

Meeting Space for Your Next Corporate Event

Meeting Space for Your Next Corporate Event

One area you do not want to scrimp is selecting a meeting space. Making certain your event will have everything your attendees need for a comfortable experience will make your event a success.

Meeting Space

Your event needs to have an adequate seating area with a public address system, restrooms and an area where people can mingle. Likely, you’ll need a buffet for breakfast, lunch or dinner and plenty of space to eat along with an adequate vendor area. There is one event venue that has the meeting spaces that will give you everything you need to put on a successful event for several hundred attendees.

Villa Ragusa is a beautiful building with numerous rich architectural features and meeting spaces for small groups and over 600 attendees. On-site and off-site catering is available to meet your event’s needs.

When your event needs to have a pleasant atmosphere with a beautiful setting, Villa Ragusa is the one the fits the bill. This is the building you want when having a fundraiser or a corporate meeting for executives.

The balconies that surround the building are available to guests during your meeting for chatting in groups, having cocktails and relaxing while taking in the view of the city. Balconies are a part of all the rental spaces on the 2nd floor at Villa Ragusa.

Out of office meetings can be very inspiring, allowing the ideas to flow. Getting away from the normal confines of the corporate offices and normal meeting places allows attendees to relax and enjoy themselves. The more people they meet, the more creative and productive they become.

Villa Ragusa

Let Villa Ragusa help you host your next corporate event or meet up. Browse our facility page for more information on exactly what we offer and what we can do to help you provide a successful event.