Deciding how to tackle the all-important food situation for your big event is a culinary Sophie’s Choice. Go the DIY route with a deliciously home-cooked potluck spread, or opt for the catered convenience of professional chefs and servers to wait on your guests’ hand and foot-long sub?

The answer, like which Game of Thrones character truly deserves the Iron Throne, is highly dependent on your venue of choice.

Because let’s be real – trying to DIY an intimate soiree in a sweaty backyard is one thing, but fueling hundreds of hangry masses in a cavernous convention hall? You’re gonna need an army of cooks putting in hours worthy of overtime pay.

If you have multitudes attending your event, you might as well forget about showing off your cooking skills or that new ingredient.

That’s where event-savvy venues like the breathtaking Villa Ragusa come in highly clutch. This event space offers the best of both worlds with amazing on-site catering options and a warm welcome for any outside foodie vendors you crave.

If your heart desires the oozy, melty, home-baked goodness that only Mom’s famous triple-cheese lasagna can provide, Villa Ragusa allows you to bring your own caterer. Just be sure to discuss any plans first.

But if slaving over a hot stove isn’t your idea of event-hosting fun, Villa Ragusa’s in-house culinary wizards have you covered with drool-worthy custom catering. Our classically trained chefs will craft a mouthwatering menu tailored to your unique tastes and dietary needs.

And lest we forget the liquid courage essentials! Villa Ragusa’s mixology masters can treat your guests to creative craft cocktails or keep it classic with select wine pairings. You’ll be the toast of the town…or villa, as it were.

Villa Ragusa has everything you need to ensure your event menu is the very definition of “chef’s kiss.” Just don’t be surprised if the tantalizing smells and flavors rolling from the kitchen spark impromptu “Best Dish” debates amongst your guests!