Vendor management making you lose sleep more often than a teething toddler?

You’re not alone, bridezilla. Juggling 10+ different suppliers to transform a banquet hall into wedding wonderland is no picnic.

Between impatient DJs, flaky centerpiece assemblers and setups stalled because the lighting tech is MIA, it’s a small miracle the whole shebang comes together!

How Villa Ragusa can help

If you’re planning a wedding or other event to host your family and friends, we at Villa Ragusa have a Day of Coordination services package.

It’s designed to allow you to rest easy knowing every vendor arrival, setup and breakdown will be expertly managed on the big day so you don’t morph into bride Hulk.

Our experienced event team contacts all your wedding pros ahead of time to verify call and finish times down to the minute. When the show date arrives, we station a platoon in the parking lot, armed with clipboard checklists watching for each expected delivery van and truck.

Upon arrival, vendors get personally greeted and directed where to unload. If little logistical fires erupt—the flower truck struggles to fit down the narrow estate driveway or the band’s amp unexpectedly shorts out—our onsite crew has the savvy to immediately troubleshoot so setup stays on schedule.

With mission control directing precise setup order and time allotments, your wedding professionals work together like a pit crew fine-tuned to transition from ceremony to cocktail hour to reception without guests detecting a single wrinkle.

The Villa Ragusa advantage means catching problems before Bridezilla ever catches wind! Our white glove vendor arrival management ensures optimal collaboration from every hired helper so you can countdown to “I do!” confident that details are dialed and your day flows fabulously. Talk about priceless peace of mind!