Plan Something Special with the Family

Plan Something Special with the Family

Quality time with family is the chocolate chips in the ice-cream of love. Of course, there are various ways that you can spend time with members of the extended family. For example, a night of storytelling and other activities can strengthen the blood ties.

Typically, planning a huge event for all the family members is not a walk in the park. It is stressful, especially when it comes to choosing the venue and the most appropriate date. Here are a few tips to help you plan something special with family.

Nail Down a Date

One of the most critical steps in planning a family reunion is coming up with an appropriate date. Coordinating the schedules of different people living in different places is as hard as it can get.

Nonetheless, set up a WhatsApp group or a Facebook group and create a poll to pick the most convenient date. Allow enough time, such as one year, and keep reminding them in the group.

Share the Responsibilities

Shouldering all the responsibilities of a family event is the shortest route to failure. You cannot do it all by yourself. Go around this by delegating responsibilities with other members such as managing their activities, finding the most appropriate event space, communicating with family members, and managing the budget.

Setting the budget should be the first thing on the agenda to avoid drama about finances. Set a strict budget and agree on the cost per person before moving on to the next item.

Pick an Event Venue

The quality of the event venue can determine the success of the reunion. The family members will mingle, reconnect, and reminisce over various activities such as cuisine, music, and comedy at this party.

Towards this goal, the event venue should be large enough to accommodate everyone, have an appealing design and furnishings, good catering options, and an accessible location.

Villa Ragusa can accommodate up to 650 individuals and has the charm of European architecture and appealing building features. Our on-site catering has a wide variety of menus for family reunions, weddings, and conferences.



A private family reunion event is a special occasion that can help strengthen blood ties and create unforgettable memories. The rage right now is learning about genealogy. It can help track down a long-lost relative, and there is no better feeling than that of reconnecting with lost loved ones. Here are some ideas to make your family reunion unforgettable.


Planning a family reunion has its challenges, but finding a venue shouldn’t be too hard. Villa Ragusa in downtown Campbell boasts an exciting classic European style, with amenities to please every family member. The small town friendly atmosphere is perfect for an intimate gathering and can accommodate up to 650 people.


Villa Ragusa has a full-service on-site catering with entrees and classic American appetizers to tease the taste buds of everyone in attendance. Of course, we understand that there are general food preferences. Because we cannot accommodate every request, you are always free to use your own cater.

Our catering department and events manager are up to the task if you’d like an easier way than using your caterer. You can leave everything to them as you focus on getting to know everyone.


Meeting your distant kinfolks for the first time will always feel awkward in a way, and you may not know how to start the conversation. However, you can ease the tension by engaging in particular games such as “Two Truths and a Lie,” among others.

Our banquet hall, dance floor, and the mahogany bar are perfect places to keep the conversation going. The fun doesn’t have to end after the delicacies. The outdoor balconies are also at your disposal and a great place to take a breather to enjoy the fresh air. Sometimes you need to get away a bit from that favorite cousin who won’t stop talking.

Planning Event Space for Your Family Reunion

Planning Event Space for Your Family Reunion

Planning your family reunion is a huge undertaking for most families. Here are some tips that will make the planning process a little bit smoother.

Event Space for Family Reunions

An event space can make your family reunion a lot more enjoyable. You’ll have a place in a busier, central location that is easy for everyone to find. Parking will be available and a staff that can help with a dance floor, serving food and many other options.

Start Early

Start planning your event early if you want to get it ready on time. It might seem like you’ll just book a venue and you’re good to go, but it is never that simple. There are plenty of people to keep track of, organizing of events, meals, lodging and keepsakes! If you have a couple hundred people or more invited to the event then start earlier than 6 months from the date.

Have a Buffet

An easy way to help keep the family reunion affordable for everyone is to have a buffet meal(s). This is a good way to put out a wonderful meal and share the cost. Include with the invitation a request for donations for those who need helping paying for the day and invite those who need help to ask privately for assistance.

Games and Activities

Just because you’re all related doesn’t mean everyone knows everyone. It helps to have a shared activity to take the focus off of meeting people. While participating in games and other activities, getting to know each other happens naturally.

Let People Choose

Everyone has a different level of comfort with activities at a party. Allow members of the family to plan in which activities they’d like to take part. If they want to just sit and chat, then allow them that pleasure. It’s all about everyone having their own kind of fun.

Villa Ragusa

Villa Ragusa is a favorite venue for area residents for weddings, family parties and reunions. We’d love to share our party planning tips with you. Give us a call.