Ways Wedding Event Halls Can Go Over Budget

Ways Wedding Event Halls Can Go Over Budget

When planning your wedding there is a lot to know, especially when it comes to the wedding event hall. It is so easy to go over budget, so you need to plan ahead to make sure in the end you’ll be right on budget. Here are some things to plan for.

Wedding Event Halls

The first thing you need to know is that wedding event halls have two sets of prices. Their highest pricing is on weekends, holidays and other popular wedding days. If you want that fabulous place for your wedding, pick one of the less popular days of the month. You will save a considerable amount of money.

Another thing to watch out for are overtime fees. Make sure you are out on time. If the wedding reception is rocking it’s tough to quit. But if you don’t quit you might be paying the DJ overtime, the caterer, bartender and for the room. So, allow ample time for the party and budget for it.

If the hall requires you to do the cleanup, consider budgeting for the wedding hall to do it for you. None of your friends wants to clean up and unless they run a housekeeping company, they won’t do a very good job. So, either pay the hall to clean up or hire a cleaning crew to come in and do it for you.

Remember that all the people you hire will need to be tipped. Put money in the budget for tipping the minister, DJ, catering company, servers, delivery drivers, and valet parking attendants.

It is very easy to get carried away with wedding favors, but all those cute ideas cost big bucks when it is hundreds of guests. Set a budget for the favors and stick to it. Keep it simple.

At Villa Ragussa, we’re a wedding event hall that is happy to help you keep to your budget for your reception. Our staff loves to give advice for weddings. Have a discussion with us about costs and coming in on or under budget.

The Wedding Space Trends for 2019

The Wedding Space Trends for 2019

Your wedding space needs to be organized in a functional way, of course, but going beyond a good use of space there are some elegant trends for 2019. And no, overly puffy sleeves on bridesmaids has yet to go retro, oh darn. Here are the newest trends for wedding receptions that will put you ahead of everyone who will want them later.

Wedding Space

Every year there are some trends that take wedding design into a new fun and interesting area. The year 2019 is no different. Here is what you’re going to see a lot of this year.


Speaking of going retro, we can go back many decades or even centuries for this new trend. It is velvet! If your wedding is in the chilly months, warm up the table with a deep grey, lightly designed velvet table cloth.


Put your very first new Monogram on everything, cookie boxes, linen napkins, goodie bags and banners. Just brand the heck out of yourselves, the new couple in town.


Especially in the spring and summer, use loads of natural greenery to give a natural background to your floral arrangements. It gives everything a fresh scent and allows your flowers to really pop.

Historical Buildings

Have your reception in a historical building that brings old world elegance and style into your wedding space. Combined with a shabby chic decorated wedding, this makes a beautiful, romantic design.

Hanging Bouquets

This year the flower arrangements and bouquets are hanging from above instead of taking up valuable tablespace. The food is now the centerpiece of the table.

Phone Basket

Make your guests toss the phone in the basket upon entry and lock them up in the event space’s safe. Nobody wants a wedding full of people staring down at their phones. Offer professional photographer keepsake photos to replace the selfies they won’t be able to take.

Villa Ragusa

When planning your wedding space, give us a call. We love to offer suggestions that will set your wedding apart from all others.

Make Your Wedding Reception the Best Party Ever!

Make Your Wedding Reception the Best Party Ever!

It is your wedding reception and you’re probably so excited about getting married that it is difficult to make set plans. The ideas are probably just whirling in your head and you have no idea which are best and which you should pass on for your huge celebration.

Wedding Reception

The wedding reception is the big party to celebrate and present the happy couple’s life commitment to each other. It should be the grandest party you’ll ever have as a family, if this is your first wedding. If it is a 2nd, 3rd, 4th or even an 8th, a quaint celebration is perfectly acceptable, too.

Villa Ragusa has many options for your to explore when you’re picking your venue for the reception. You have choices on whether or not to use a dance floor, a small gathering of family and close friends in a smaller room or a huge reception with everyone you know in a very large room.

Seating and the meal are something to give a lot of thought to. Some couples have a limited menu dinner with full service. Waitstaff will serve every course along with wine and coffee. Other couples like the idea of a big buffet with oodles of choices in dinner entrees, salads and desserts. Each choice has its benefits and drawbacks. Whichever way you find you want your wedding to be, Villa Ragusa will support your decision. We also allow you to bring in an outside caterer, a choice that most venues do not allow. But we want your reception to be exactly the way you’d like it.

Give us a call for an appointment to discuss what you’d like to do with your wedding reception. We can give you lots of ideas, too. We are specialists in planning receptions and parties. We are happy to share our experience and knowledge of how to put on the best party.

Make Your Wedding Banquet a Beautiful Romantic Money Saver

Make Your Wedding Banquet a Beautiful Romantic Money Saver

Your wedding banquet is going to be so amazing! Usually amazing costs a lot of money and really, your money is better spent on starting your new life together. So, here is an idea that will let you budget your money elsewhere and still put on an incredible celebration of your vows.

Wedding Banquet

By shifting the wedding banquet from evening to the daytime, you will save a lot of money. An early reception might save money on the social hall, given they can still rent the hall after your event.

But beyond the social hall where the reception is held, you’ll save money on the caterer, liquor and entertainment, too. Every step of the way there is savings.

The caterer might be able to do another event after yours, but more importantly you’ll have a lighter meal. Luncheons are not as elaborate as dinners. They are quicker without so many courses, possibly just a soup and entrée followed by an array of small desserts.

The entertainment is where things get creative. Dancing is not expected in the middle of the day, so light music playing is perfect. You can have a string quartet for the entire reception for music. Even streaming music is acceptable. But you’ll need to have fun, memorable things to do in place of dancing.

One of those fun things of late are photo booths and wedding books. There are services that will show up with a photo booth to take costumed photos of the guests one or two at a time. The guests get to keep a video or a keepsake book of the images.

But, for luncheon wedding banquets, sometimes people just want to enjoy each other’s company and sit and chat without any wild activities, especially if the guest list is smaller than 75 family members and friends.

Wedding banquets done as luncheons are intimate, fun and an easy way to reduce the wedding budget. Spend the savings on a down payment on a house.

The Most Forgotten Wedding Spot Items

The Most Forgotten Wedding Spot Items

You’ve pick out the perfect wedding spot for your reception and have everything in place for your big day. But wait! There are some important things you’ve probably forgotten to have on hand for your reception.

Wedding Spot

Your grand wedding spot’s facility that you discovered for your reception probably has everything, right? No, probably not. You will need to bring everything you need. Here are some of the most overlooked items that nobody thinks to bring.

Cake Box

When the baker delivers and sets up the cake, they typically take all their protective packaging with them. It is a tradition in many families to keep the very top of the cake for your first anniversary celebration. Some bakers think to leave a small box for you for that purpose, but many do not. Make sure the request is put in with your cake order. Your event facility isn’t likely to have something like that.

Twilight Time

Some of the most gorgeous photographs are taken during twilight time as the sun is just starting to set. Have your photographer notify you with plenty of time for those beautiful shots.


There are many people to tip after the wedding ceremony and reception. Give envelopes to a designated tip person that have the gratuity already in the envelope and addressed to the receiver.

Gift Table

Assign a person to keep an eye on the gift table and to accept envelopes and cards on your behalf. Have this person deliver the gifts and cards to your home.

Great Planning

Great planning will result in a smooth reception and no worries for the bride and groom. Make your special day a day where you haven’t a care in the world, just the joyous celebration of your new life together.

The Secret Your Wedding Venue Doesn’t Want You to Know

The Secret Your Wedding Venue Doesn’t Want You to Know

Your wedding venue has a secret. It is a secret that they won’t tell you unless you ask before you book your event and it could save you hundreds of dollars.

Wedding Venue

It isn’t that your wedding venue is trying to overcharge you, that isn’t it at all. It is just good business to quote the space for the date you tell them that you want. However, you should really ask this one question before setting your wedding reception date in stone:

“Do you offer discounts for any other dates?”

The not so surprising thing about weddings is that typically every couple wants a Saturday wedding. There are only 52 Saturdays in a year. And if you have your heart set on a June wedding like most brides, you’re competing with a lot of weddings to get one of 4 or 5 Saturdays. That is an expensive dream!

Meanwhile, for all the other days of the week the venue is starving for bookings. So, it makes sense that they’ll offer hefty discounts to the couples that will move their wedding reception to a day or evening during the week. You can save hundreds of dollars by taking advantage of the venue’s slow time.

Of course, you’ll want to avoid Valentine’s Day, any 3-day holiday weekend, big holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve and pretty much any weekend in June. By being willing to change your date to a less popular one, you can have a spectacular wedding venue at discount prices. You’ll still have your dream wedding, it’ll just be on a less attractive date.

Another option is to have your wedding ceremony on a beautiful June Saturday at the church and book the reception at a wedding venue on another day. Contact our staff at Villa Ragusa to find out discounted dates are available for your gorgeous wedding.