The Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

The Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

Every wife-to-be desires a picture-perfect wedding, with pomp and splendor. Katherine Heigl in the all-time classic, 27 Dresses, epitomizes the kind of bridesmaid attire that every bride wishes they had, well, maybe at least at the time. The contemporary bridesmaid dresses are trendier, more visually satiating and chic.

There are several full-on stylish dress options you can pick for the bridesmaids to make the whole event visually spectacular and memorable for a lifetime. If you are short on ideas, the following suggestions may help.

The One-Shoulder Dresses

The asymmetrical detail dresses are at the top of the bridesmaid dress trends list, and it screams perfection. There are several colors to pick from, ranging from the elegant gunmetal, soft neutral, classic navy, bold and vibrant hues, royal purple, and dark shades.

Preferably, the bouquets should complement the colors of the dresses. For example, the plum jewel tone on monochromatic dresses goes well with bouquets adorning a lighter shade.

The same dress style, such as the elegant, bold hues, gives the event some sense of sophistication for all the bridesmaids. Let every maid pick the color of their shoes to let individual personalities shine through.

Mismatched Gowns

A mismatched bridal party has its place on the big day. For example, the Carolina Herrera dresses, or other styles with touches of the classy and sassy, are incredibly adorable, similar to shades of coral and poppy for any wedding event.

Different necklines, unique patterns, and shades of neutrals or the bohemian style dresses are also easy stand-outs. And of course, we all know that one girl who loves everything shiny. Sequins will definitely lift their spirit and of everyone, and which is the main idea.

Skirts in prints announce class and good taste. They deserve their very own photo-op, and why not?

The charm of European architecture, natural woodwork, and marble columns at Villa Ragusa are the final touches to make your nuptials a ‘princess affair.’ We will also throw in some professional and experienced help to make it a successful wedding that you deserve. Contact us today.

Time to Plan Your Wedding

Time to Plan Your Wedding

There is a whole lot to think about when planning for the day you will walk down the aisle. It’s your big day, and you want the best experience out of it, regardless of what is happening in the world. You deserve it.

In this coronavirus era, there are many moving parts, which can sometimes overshadow the big day. Currently, there is a broad vaccination campaign, and the expectation is that up to 70% of the population in the US may be vaccinated by October, and a sense of normality will be back.

That means things should be looking up as we move to the tail-end of the year. Here are a few points to help you plan for your wedding next year.

Play it Safe

The expectation is that things will start to go back to normal within a couple of months. However, it is crucial to consider the current restrictions that may still be in force on your wedding day.

For example, decide at least six months to allow your guests sufficient time to modify travel arrangements. This is also vital for the mental health of everyone.

For some people, the bigger the wedding, the merrier. Nonetheless, you may have to trim the guest list and consider social distancing rules.

Consider Your Guests

Where your guests are coming from is a huge consideration. Decide how much time they will need to make travel adjustments, considering that each state may have its own restrictions in place.

If most of your wedding reception crowd is local, then the adjustment period reduces significantly. We are talking about two to three months.

It is essential to voice your concerns to your venue and know what your options are going forward. At Villa Ragusa, we have experienced events staff, and we can help you with other logistics and other stuff to make your wedding successful.

Be Open with Your Vendors

It helps quite significantly to have a one-on-one with your vendors about the worst-case scenario. Discuss a game plan with them about the available solutions should you want to postpone the event.

Here at Villa Ragusa, we are hopeful that everything will change for the better, and you can finally have the best wedding experience. We are flexible, and our staff is at your disposal for brainstorming.

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The Right Traditional Wedding Dance Order

The Right Traditional Wedding Dance Order

Weddings are some of those important events that tend to linger in everyone’s mind for a lifetime, and admittedly so. This is because they are the most talked about, and it is imperative that everything comes out perfect. If you plan on a traditional wedding dance, it is vital to dance the right way and in order.

Nonetheless, you should not limit yourself. Customize the dance according to the tastes and needs of the wedding couple. After all, it is their big day. The desire is to make it unique and memorable, not uncomfortable.

The Order of the Traditional Wedding Dance

The first honor for the dance goes to the groom and bride. The couple must practice the dance several times before the big day. Remember that everyone will be watching, and any missteps might take a long time to forget.

The bride’s father is the next to take the floor with the bride, and the mother of the bride with the groom. Next, the bride’s father dances with the mother, and the groom extends his hand to his mother to dance. The groom’s parents are next in line to dance with each other.

Thereafter, the best man and each groomsman may dance with the bride, and the groom with the bridesmaids. Depending on the length of the wedding reception, this dance can be for partial or full songs. Lastly, wedding guests are allowed to join in.

Of course, the traditional wedding dance’s primary goal is to have fun, and if necessary, everything is editable to achieve it. Some variables, such as a deceased or disabled parent, may affect the traditional wedding dance order, but be sure nobody is excluded because of a disability. Keep in mind that the wedding dance order is not cast in stone.

At Villa Ragusa, there is plenty of room for traditional wedding dances, and our staff is at your disposal to help make the reception successful.

Banquet Halls in Silicon Valley That Allow Outside Catering

Banquet Halls in Silicon Valley That Allow Outside Catering

Everyone wants a picture-perfect event, with attention to detail. We all have different tastes and preferences, which most banquet halls or event places may not accommodate. In such a case, outside catering comes in handy. In Silicon Valley, there are not many event places that allow outside catering.

Here is What You Receive at Villa Ragusa


For outside catering, it is a requirement to purchase beverages from Villa Ragusa. The event place provides barware unless you bring your own. We will require an on-site catering manager to ensure that everything flows smoothly.

Normally, there are about 7 bar packages you can choose from to entertain your guests. The simple package includes soft drinks and juice, while the essential package is juice soft drinks and a cash bar. You may prefer the usual package: a cash bar, tab bar, juice, and soft drinks.

The traditional package has house wine, tap bar, juice, soft drinks, and a cash bar. On the other hand, the “priceless” package incorporates Well Brands, cash bar, house wine, tap beer, juice, and soft drinks.


Sit down dinners at the reception and buffets can be done with your own caterer. For the guidelines that your caterer needs to follow, please see our catering information.

Premium brand liquor, Well Brands, draft beer, house wine, soft drinks, and juice are in the “finest” package. The full package will have everything mentioned plus bottled water, premium wine, and champagne.

Catering Capacity

Villa Ragusa has up to 6 galleries with different capacities. The gallery with the lowest capacity is The West Gallery, which can accommodate up to 170 guests. The Grand Gallery is the highest with a capacity of 600 guests.

Please note that all the room rentals are according to a 5-hour period. You can still arrange for additional hours at an additional fee.

Day of Coordination

Our team will be on hand to help ensure that the day becomes a memorable one. The event team will maintain good cooperation and communication with the vendors, and help with the ceremony rehearsal, as well as, help the ushers on the big day. Our people will also set up the reception and help on the day of the reception.

At Villa Ragusa, our goal is to ensure that everything turns out as you had imagined. Contact us if you are looking for a banquet hall in Silicon Valley that allows outside catering.

Some of the Best Ideas for A Small Intimate Wedding

Some of the Best Ideas for A Small Intimate Wedding

You can settle for an intimate and personalized wedding atmosphere and make it the most memorable. But having a small wedding doesn’t mean that you have to keep it modest with the celebrations. If anything, it can open up a realm of wedding ideas, only applicable to an exclusive guest list.

We sample a few of the best small wedding ideas below.

Finding an Appropriate Venue for a Small Group

A group of around 12 people is all you need for an extra personal celebration. We recommend a location that is car accessible, unique and elegant to grace the special occasion. The location plays a big part in encouraging both sides of the family to interact and enjoy the company.

Having your loved ones with you makes it feel like a unique blend of wedding and vacation – precisely what you need for the big day.

Curated Gift Boxes

Curating gift boxes for everyone, customized to preferences and location is an excellent idea to thank your guests for accepting the invitation. You can include essential items such as a facemask and sanitizer in the gift box. You can never be too careful in this COVID-19 era. Of course, don’t forget a thank you note.

Upgrade the Menu

The wedding meal is the foundation of a happy and memorable wedding celebration. A small wedding guest list allows you some freedom with the meal budget. Upgrade it with unique wine pairings, extra appetizers, and creative food presentations. You can include a menu card on every plate for the VIP treatment.

The full-service on-site catering, with entrees and classic American appetizers, is available at Villa Ragusa. The serving staff and catering department are at your beck and call to make your intimate wedding a truly memorable event.

Incorporate a Creative Seating Arrangement

A small intimate wedding allows you the flexibility of seating layout. For example, a long banquet table to accommodate everyone will come in handy. With social distancing rules, you can go with two people at each small table and focus on the layout, such as a circular or u-shaped arrangement.

The event space at Villa Ragusa can accommodate any seating arrangement that you have in mind. You are free to pick the brain of our event’s organizer if you can’t come up with something worth an intimate wedding.

Entertainment for a Small Intimate Wedding

Entertainment for a Small Intimate Wedding

The best thing about a small intimate wedding is that you have a free hand on many things. You can skip on many wedding traditions and be a bit creative.

Entertainment is one crucial area that can help keep the energy going for the small group. You can incorporate some interactive elements, and you won’t have to worry about the small things such as skipping the bouquet toss.

Focus on the Guest Experience

Smaller parties often have a richer experience because of the easier interaction and quality time with everyone. Think of the touches that can make the celebration feel exclusive and unique. For example, you can arrange for a private tasting or even a personal chef.

A wedding is never complete without the Kodak moments. Consider setting up a photo booth that accommodates the interests of your guests. A variety of face masks and costumes for the photo shoot behind the charm of European architecture at Villa Ragusa may stoke the interests of everyone.

For the drink reception, you can have a magician do their thing with card tricks. Add harps for their most romantic sounds, and you can have them at the drinking reception. The relaxing view of Downtown Campbell at Villa Ragusa only serves to make the moment even more special.

Add Personality

A small intimate wedding allows you to break away from the tradition and experiment with some great ideas such as a designer wedding cake. The event organizer at Villa Ragusa can give you a hand with some fun ideas.

Disco is a party essential, and it should incorporate a playlist that spans two to three generations to get everyone dancing.

Other ideas include a table trivia to entertain everyone between courses. You can also have an awards ceremony for such categories as best man and best-dressed guest. And everyone will have the time of their lives.