Wedding Reception Venue Reviews for Villa Ragusa

Wedding Reception Venue Reviews for Villa Ragusa

There are many wedding reception venues to rent in the Silicon Valley and they all offer a space. While you want a place that’s convenient for your wedding ceremony’s location and gives you the amenities you need, there’s more to your selection than just those two things.

Villa Ragusa offers a beautiful building with marble and mahogany accents, a grand staircase and balconies where your guests can sit and chat quietly while taking in the views of downtown Campbell. Take a look at some of the reviews our guests have left on


It Was Stunning!

“I came here for a birthday party for a friend and it was stunning!… I loved the architecture and style of the room-clean and elegant. Highly recommend this place that is in downtown Campbell.” Nohemy C.

Everything Came Out Perfect!

“Just hosted our holiday party here and I couldn’t have been happier with the turnout. Thanks to Laura and her wonderful staff who made this a wonderful night. Everything came out perfect!…” Naila R.

It Was Such a Breeze!

“Booked Villa Ragusa (VR) for our company party this past weekend, and it was such a breeze! Before I say anymore, I want to thank Hilary for coordinating and walking us through the entire process!…” Leslie Q.

A Classy Venue for a Classy Event

“The food service before, during, and after the lunch was impeccable…. Overall, a classy venue for a classy event!” Jim Y.

Worth the Money

“Large venue space. High ceilings. Lots of space. Private parking. Long Balcony. Kitchen and catering. Price is stiff but affordable and worth the money.” Omar N.

Our Guests Loved the Venue

“Hilary and Laura were responsive, accommodating, and helpful throughout the process. They are very easy to work with and made planning easy…. Our guests loved the venue. They said VR is beautiful and classy.” Maria Rosario A.

A Perfect Event

Great service and a meal worthy of a wedding celebration is just as important as location. Our staff loves to assist with wedding receptions. Give us a call for a tour of Villa Ragusa.

Wedding Reception Activities That Guests Love

Wedding Reception Activities That Guests Love

Probably the most popular wedding reception activities loved by guests is anything to do with photo booths or videos made by guests. While the photo booth is still wildly popular and a lot of fun, there are other fun games to play, too.

Wedding Reception Activities

When you’re ready to do something a little different, here are some ideas that will surprise your guests and keep them smiling through the reception.

Advice Cards

Have plenty of premade advice cards and pens printed for your wedding. Let each guest give you their best advice on how to have a happy marriage. Of course, you’ll want to keep every card in an album and bring it out on anniversaries or if you ever have an argument. But of course, an argument could never happen in your happy marriage.


And oldie, but goodie! Piñatas are a wonderful time, so wonderful that you’ll need an adult piñata and a candy filled one for the kids.

Surprise Performance

Hire a professional performer that is known locally or even a big star. Many actors and comedians will perform at private parties. Having someone everyone knows from TV or the local opera house will be very exciting for guests.

Flash Mob

Schedule a flash mob to suddenly start dancing to a fiddle player. They can be mixed in the crowd, then the fiddle starts and they slowly start coming alive to join together for a show.


Have trivia game cards at all the tables to help people get to know each other. There’s no need to have actual board games, the cards in a cup are all that’s needed. Include a little sign telling people to pick a card to read aloud.

Villa Ragusa

Villa Ragusa is a beautiful wedding reception venue located in Campbell, CA. Give us a call when you are looking for a place for your wedding reception. We’d love to help you put together some awesome wedding reception activities.

The Most Unforgettable Wedding Reception Activity

The Most Unforgettable Wedding Reception Activity

Of course, aerial dancers hanging from scarves from the ceiling would be the most spectacular wedding reception activity for guests to watch, but it is tough to find a venue that can support that idea. However, there is something else that will have your guests shocked and enthralled in the show.

Wedding Reception Activity

When things get a little quiet after the meal at your wedding reception, you need something huge to wake everyone up and begin having a wonderful time again. That is the point at which the professional tango dancers are led into the room. Several couples dressed in colorful costumes and tango dancing through the room to the dance floor will have the eyes of everyone at the reception.

There is no dance more romantic or sexier than the tango. Rarely does anyone know how to do the dance, but everyone can’t stop watching as the dancers become ever more intense. It is a song of submission to the heart. A perfect surprise entertainment for the wedding reception.

Everyone wants to do the tango, so having an instructor on hand after the dance will allow everyone to have a fun time learning a few sexy steps. It is a guaranteed good time with loads of laughs and many photo opportunities for the wedding album.

Where to Find Tango Dancers

There are tango dancers in San Francisco. You can check with Hereen Oh and Scott Boddye to find out who in the area would be willing to put on a little show with some instruction for your wedding. They can be found on Facebook. San Francisco Tango is a good option to find tango performers, too.

Wedding Venue with Dance Floor

Villa Ragusa is a wedding reception venue that can support just about any type of wedding reception activity. We have dance floors in our rooms, too! Give us a call for more information.

Beautiful Wedding Venue in Silicon Valley

Beautiful Wedding Venue in Silicon Valley

An old-world, European style bank in Campbell, CA, has been turned into one of the more popular wedding venues in the Bay Area. Its marble floors and mahogany accents add that romantic charm that is perfect for your wedding reception or engagement party.

Wedding Venue

While there’s no outdoor setting at Villa Ragusa that would work as your wedding venue, the inside is beautiful and perfect for weddings up to 600 guests. The grand, marble staircase encased in mahogany handrails sets a mood of romance for your special occasion and doubles as a photoshoot area for the bride and groom.

Upstairs your room will be open with chandeliers above the ornately set tables for your guests. Villa Ragusa will be handling the setup and catering for your wedding reception unless you’ve arranged for a caterer of your own choosing.

Every event room at Villa Ragusa includes a dance floor and wraparound outdoor balcony for your guests. You’ll have choices of room sizes that can fit anywhere from 200 hundred up to 600 guests.

Help with Planning

The event coordinators at Villa Ragusa love to lend a hand and will give suggestions for your wedding, if you need them. There are so many choices in a world full of ideas, so they help you narrow down the choices.


Parking can always be a challenge anywhere in Silicon Valley, including Campbell. Villa Ragusa has a small onsite parking lot, but most of the wedding guest parking is in the lot we use just up the street. It is a very short walk. This parking lot is provided with the event space rental for your wedding.

Wedding Venues

It’s your special day that you’ll remember for the rest of your lives. It’s important that you have a beautiful spot with the full support of the staff at Villa Ragusa for this wonderful day, the 1st day of the rest of your lives. Give us a call.

Celebrate Your Engagement with Friends and Family

Celebrate Your Engagement with Friends and Family

One of you proposed. The other one of you accepted. Now tell the whole entire world about your engagement and celebrate your excitement of your commitment to each other with friends and family. Here are some ideas and what is next for the two of you lovebirds.

Engagement Party!

You simply must, must, must have an engagement party. Of course, this is necessary for an obvious reason, it’s one of the best excuses for a party! You want all of your friends and family to share in your joy, get drunk then give you loads of hilarious advice, some of which will actually make sense, so listen carefully.

You want an elegant party with a bit of a crowd. So, book a room that can fit both of your families and besties. This isn’t the type of party where you go super small, because you’ll need the joy to keep flowing.

While you want a bit of a crowd, you don’t want to upstage your own wedding. Everyone will expect your wedding to be way better than the engagement party, so minimalize the party aspect of this celebration.

A nice dinner and some kibitzing before and after the dinner would be perfect. But save the photo booths, entertainers and lavish party favors for the actual wedding. This party is all about your best peeps telling you congratulations and giving you advice on having a wedding and a little about what to expect from married life.


Rent a room and have it catered. Parties are exhausting to set up and tear down. You and your future spouse should do the planning, possibly with the help of a professional event planner. Then turn it over to your favorite caterer and Villa Ragusa for the room.

Congratulations on your engagement from Villa Ragusa. We hope your engagement party and wedding ahead is everything you dreamed it would be.

Wedding Reception Activities That Everyone Will Love

Wedding Reception Activities That Everyone Will Love

Having an unforgettable wedding reception is the ultimate goal, right? Well, only in a good way, of course! Here are some unforgettable acts that will prove to be the best wedding reception activities for your wedding that everyone will love.

Wedding Reception Activities

Ready for something very different than a violin trio playing Vivaldi? Here are some great acts from around the San Francisco Bay Area that will come to your reception to entertain you and all your guests.

Hire a Vaudeville Act

Yes, it isn’t too late. There are still Vaudeville acts that will make your party the best ever. Here is one couple that will keep your guests laughing.

Daredevil Chicken 617-543-8633
As seen on ABC’s The Gong Show, A husband & wife duo performing comedy & vaudeville, magic, acrobatics, quick change, puppetry and banana juggling! Las Vegas flair meets pop-glam.

Belly Dancer

Belly dancing is always so fascinating, mesmerizing and a little sexy in a way that is still wholesome for your kids and great-grandparents.

Romanza Dance Entertainment (415) 794-7463
Romanza Belly Dance Event Entertainment specializes in instruction and performances of enchanting dance from the Middle East & Central Asia.

Mini Circus Acts

Circosphere 650-276-6398

From unforgettable gymnastic presentations to LED light robots to strolling stage acts working the crowd, there is so much to love with these acts you used to see in the circus. Circosphere has so many acts that you’ll need to browse them all on their website.

Dixieland Jazz Band

Vaud and the Villains

Don’t hire a DJ, hire the band. There is a band that is equal parts orchestra, jazz band, cabaret and Vaudeville. Every single wedding guest will jump to their feet and dance, sing and cheer – for hours.

Ask Our Events Coordinator

Our Events Coordinator at Villa Ragusa loves to help people plan their wedding reception activities. Check with her for some more great ideas for your reception.