Banquet Halls in Silicon Valley That Allow Outside Catering

Banquet Halls in Silicon Valley That Allow Outside Catering

Everyone wants a picture-perfect event, with attention to detail. We all have different tastes and preferences, which most banquet halls or event places may not accommodate. In such a case, outside catering comes in handy. In Silicon Valley, there are not many event places that allow outside catering.

Here is What You Receive at Villa Ragusa


For outside catering, it is a requirement to purchase beverages from Villa Ragusa. The event place provides barware unless you bring your own. We will require an on-site catering manager to ensure that everything flows smoothly.

Normally, there are about 7 bar packages you can choose from to entertain your guests. The simple package includes soft drinks and juice, while the essential package is juice soft drinks and a cash bar. You may prefer the usual package: a cash bar, tab bar, juice, and soft drinks.

The traditional package has house wine, tap bar, juice, soft drinks, and a cash bar. On the other hand, the “priceless” package incorporates Well Brands, cash bar, house wine, tap beer, juice, and soft drinks.


Sit down dinners at the reception and buffets can be done with your own caterer. For the guidelines that your caterer needs to follow, please see our catering information.

Premium brand liquor, Well Brands, draft beer, house wine, soft drinks, and juice are in the “finest” package. The full package will have everything mentioned plus bottled water, premium wine, and champagne.

Catering Capacity

Villa Ragusa has up to 6 galleries with different capacities. The gallery with the lowest capacity is The West Gallery, which can accommodate up to 170 guests. The Grand Gallery is the highest with a capacity of 600 guests.

Please note that all the room rentals are according to a 5-hour period. You can still arrange for additional hours at an additional fee.

Day of Coordination

Our team will be on hand to help ensure that the day becomes a memorable one. The event team will maintain good cooperation and communication with the vendors, and help with the ceremony rehearsal, as well as, help the ushers on the big day. Our people will also set up the reception and help on the day of the reception.

At Villa Ragusa, our goal is to ensure that everything turns out as you had imagined. Contact us if you are looking for a banquet hall in Silicon Valley that allows outside catering.

Some of the Best Ideas for A Small Intimate Wedding

Some of the Best Ideas for A Small Intimate Wedding

You can settle for an intimate and personalized wedding atmosphere and make it the most memorable. But having a small wedding doesn’t mean that you have to keep it modest with the celebrations. If anything, it can open up a realm of wedding ideas, only applicable to an exclusive guest list.

We sample a few of the best small wedding ideas below.

Finding an Appropriate Venue for a Small Group

A group of around 12 people is all you need for an extra personal celebration. We recommend a location that is car accessible, unique and elegant to grace the special occasion. The location plays a big part in encouraging both sides of the family to interact and enjoy the company.

Having your loved ones with you makes it feel like a unique blend of wedding and vacation – precisely what you need for the big day.

Curated Gift Boxes

Curating gift boxes for everyone, customized to preferences and location is an excellent idea to thank your guests for accepting the invitation. You can include essential items such as a facemask and sanitizer in the gift box. You can never be too careful in this COVID-19 era. Of course, don’t forget a thank you note.

Upgrade the Menu

The wedding meal is the foundation of a happy and memorable wedding celebration. A small wedding guest list allows you some freedom with the meal budget. Upgrade it with unique wine pairings, extra appetizers, and creative food presentations. You can include a menu card on every plate for the VIP treatment.

The full-service on-site catering, with entrees and classic American appetizers, is available at Villa Ragusa. The serving staff and catering department are at your beck and call to make your intimate wedding a truly memorable event.

Incorporate a Creative Seating Arrangement

A small intimate wedding allows you the flexibility of seating layout. For example, a long banquet table to accommodate everyone will come in handy. With social distancing rules, you can go with two people at each small table and focus on the layout, such as a circular or u-shaped arrangement.

The event space at Villa Ragusa can accommodate any seating arrangement that you have in mind. You are free to pick the brain of our event’s organizer if you can’t come up with something worth an intimate wedding.

Entertainment for a Small Intimate Wedding

Entertainment for a Small Intimate Wedding

The best thing about a small intimate wedding is that you have a free hand on many things. You can skip on many wedding traditions and be a bit creative.

Entertainment is one crucial area that can help keep the energy going for the small group. You can incorporate some interactive elements, and you won’t have to worry about the small things such as skipping the bouquet toss.

Focus on the Guest Experience

Smaller parties often have a richer experience because of the easier interaction and quality time with everyone. Think of the touches that can make the celebration feel exclusive and unique. For example, you can arrange for a private tasting or even a personal chef.

A wedding is never complete without the Kodak moments. Consider setting up a photo booth that accommodates the interests of your guests. A variety of face masks and costumes for the photo shoot behind the charm of European architecture at Villa Ragusa may stoke the interests of everyone.

For the drink reception, you can have a magician do their thing with card tricks. Add harps for their most romantic sounds, and you can have them at the drinking reception. The relaxing view of Downtown Campbell at Villa Ragusa only serves to make the moment even more special.

Add Personality

A small intimate wedding allows you to break away from the tradition and experiment with some great ideas such as a designer wedding cake. The event organizer at Villa Ragusa can give you a hand with some fun ideas.

Disco is a party essential, and it should incorporate a playlist that spans two to three generations to get everyone dancing.

Other ideas include a table trivia to entertain everyone between courses. You can also have an awards ceremony for such categories as best man and best-dressed guest. And everyone will have the time of their lives.

Grandparents Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Grandparents Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Undoubtedly, wisdom increases with age, but so does the love of your grandparents. Their love and influence is the adhesive that keeps the family together. They dreamt of you lovingly even before you were born.

Well, their wedding anniversary is around the corner, and you can’t figure out the best way to appreciate them. So how do you appreciate your grandparents on their special day?

An Extended Family Get-Together

Nothing fills the hearts of your grandparents with so much gladness, like seeing their familial loved ones together. Surprise them by having every member of the extended family together to celebrate the special day.

The unique banquet hall at Villa Ragusa has exceptional rooms. They can be resized to accommodate a get-together of up to 650 people. The event space has a lot of natural light and a European theme to create an intimate moment.

A Romantic Dinner Date

A romantic dinner date is never complete without the most exotic and finest dishes. A fine dine out at an exotic place will light up their faces and make them know how much you appreciate them.

Villa Ragusa has a wide variety of menu choices. If your grandparents have a special favorite dish, the staff at Villa Ragusa can create a custom menu, with drink service and butler passed hors d’ oeuvres.

A Skit

A humorous skit to honor the special day will fill the hearts of your grandparents with joy. Make your grandpa and grandma overjoyed with laughter as they point fingers at different members of the family in costumes.

The venue rooms at Villa Ragusa are expansive, airy, and open for a humorous skit. You can decorate it as you wish to accommodate a humorous theme. Our staff is at your disposal for ideas on how to decorate the event space.

Some of the Most Creative Wedding Reception Ideas

Some of the Most Creative Wedding Reception Ideas

Wedding celebrations are increasingly becoming more interactive. Couples treating their guests to entertainment and wedding reception activities have become the order of the day. That said, a recycled reception idea that everyone uses or knows is obviously not the best way to create a memorable experience.

Check out the following creative wedding reception ideas to surprise your guests and keep them talking about it for a long time to come.

Have a Portrait Studio

A well-lit portrait studio in front of a glamorous backdrop, such as our classic European style venue, is a way of rewarding your guests. The benefit of having a serious photoshoot by a pro photographer is to create a timeless classic. Your wedding moment deserves to be immortalized in the best way possible.

A Cultural Dance

There is no better way to showcase your culture in a wedding than with a specialty dance. A Garba, Kalamatiano, or Hora can be quite amazing and unforgettable. That is especially so when you organize it to go without a hitch with your band, and our professional event organizers.

You can spice up things by hiring Bollywood performers or Polish folk dancers. Villa Ragusa will execute the timeline professionally to make sure that it flows without a hitch. Dance the evening away and have fun as everything unfolds in the way that you dreamt.

Offer the Best of Delicacies

No matter how glamorous the wedding reception is, people are going to remember more about the food and the presentation. Make sure you have a caterer that is going to have them raving.

Villa Ragusa has various wedding packages to accommodate the preferences and tastes of everyone. For example, the Hors D’oeuvres package with mouthwatering treats such as Brie Quesadillas with Pear Salsa and Grilled Chicken Skewers, among others, will cap what is an incredible evening reception. Our complimentary package includes two bottles of wine per table and champagne for a wedding toast.

Why Holding a Wedding Reception at Villa Ragusa is the Best Decision

Why Holding a Wedding Reception at Villa Ragusa is the Best Decision

There are only a handful of wedding reception venues that can give you a Cinderella kind of experience. There are several factors such as the amenities, services and other minor details that every couple dreams of having in their wedding reception.

The grand staircase, balconies, and the mahogany and marble accents of the classic European style venue are some of what Villa Ragusa offers. But why should you choose Villa Ragusa for your wedding reception?

Ambience and Style

The classic European style and architecture of Villa Ragusa is pretty much the requirement of upscale events such as elegant weddings and anniversaries. The interior decor and theme is clean, elegant, and above the expectation of most. Downtown Campbell’s environment is friendly and low profile for successful anniversary celebrations.

Perfect Location and Amenities

The small-town friendly atmosphere, coupled with ample private parking and easy accessibility, contribute to a delightful experience. The high ceilings, large spaces and long balconies complement what is the perfect location for a wedding. Your guests can sit and chat as they take in the wonderful views of downtown Campbell, in the afternoon sun.

You will find the dance floor and mahogany bar, strategically located and only a few steps apart to everyone’s happiness. Even better, the spacious outdoor balconies and decorative lighting add that special touch to encourage socializing.

Experienced and Friendly Staff

The experienced kitchen and catering staff at Villa Ragusa are responsive, accommodating. The skilled events team is always at your service, and you can fully rely on them to deliver to your expectations and that of the attendees. Everyone in attendance can dance the evening away while the highly reliable staff handles the small and important details.

A full-service on-site catering is at your disposal, but you are still free to use your own catering service. It’s not common to find an upscale event venue that allows outside catering, and that spices things a bit for some.