Celebrate Your Employees by Having a Corporate Event

Celebrate Your Employees by Having a Corporate Event

Nothing promotes cohesiveness better within your Silicon Valley organization like a corporate event. The coronavirus-inspired hard times have taken a toll on businesses, and holding a corporate event may not seem like a great idea. But the benefits tip the scale, especially now that things are beginning to go back to normal.

Working from home seemed like an exciting idea for most. Eventually, this revealed significant challenges, such as maintaining motivation. But what do you do to guide the workforce beyond the hard times?

Make the Employees Happy for Being Part of the Company

Many employees have been with the company through thick and thin and have contributed to your success. Losing these employees would be a step in the wrong direction. But you can prevent that from happening.

Typically, employee retention and reduced turnover for the top talent, is sometimes as easy as recognition. Use a big stage such as Villa Ragusa banquet hall to appreciate good work, and ideally, in front of other fellow employees. It feels better that way.

Working at home has no doubt been as hard as it gets, and achieving productivity is an appreciable feat, considering the many distractions.

Appreciating your employees will make them feel special and be happy to be associated with the company. They’ll be motivated to contribute to the success of the organization.

Foster Teamwork

An organization comprises numerous intricate pieces that are the different departments working in tandem with each other. Any disconnect will affect your competitive edge and profitability. A corporate event will reassert the company goals, objectives and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

In an informal setting such as Villa Ragusa, the relationship between the manager and subordinates is rested and open-minded. Such an environment is best for brainstorming how the organization can transition to the next level after the pandemic.



An appreciation event is an ingenious way for a company to invest in a long-term relationship with staff or clients. This event format has its advantages, and if your company has not held it in the recent past, then it’s long overdue. Your staff and clients are the central pillars of the organization, and it is essential to show your appreciation.

Strengthen your relationship with employees by holding an appreciation event at Villa Ragusa, a Silicon Valley events venue that best highlights how much you value them.


Every employee wants to feel empowered and engaged in their place of work. In fact, companies with engaged staff make over two-and-a-half times than those that do not. Such a company is also able to retain its top talent because employees feel part and parcel of the business.

Retaining your top talent, and especially during these trying times, is critical. It can help your business maintain the competitive edge and keep its head above water for longer.

You can hold a small intimate gathering of your top employees at Villa Ragusa to show your appreciation. The upscale venue can  accommodate a 650-person celebration.


Award ceremonies and events can be quite useful in validating employees. In particular, the employees that exemplify values and culture should be rewarded. Acknowledgement shows them they are valued and vital, and the gesture encourages productivity.

Every one of us desires to be acknowledged for the good work, and the best way to do it is through a company celebration.

Did your company manage to pull through a difficult period? Celebrate it and fuel a sense of ownership and desire to succeed.

Our Downtown Campbell location in a classic European style will make your employees feel well-appreciated. Villa Ragusa boasts a touch of modernity, and our qualified events team will help create an unforgettable experience.

Getting Corporate Event Venue to Accept Your Caterer

Getting Corporate Event Venue to Accept Your Caterer

When putting on a corporate event in Silicon Valley, you’re sure to have a diverse crowd. One of the difficulties with venues is getting them to accept the caterer you use to meet the dining requirements of your diverse crowd. Villa Ragusa understands the needs of companies and is one of the very few that happily allows outside caterers.

Dietary Needs of Attendees

There are many special dietary needs in a corporate event crowd. You’ll likely hear from attendees of your event that they need special food prepared for their meal breaks. You’ll likely be asked for vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, kosher and Halal. Most companies rely on caterers that can handle these food requests.

Unfortunately, in and around the Silicon Valley, most venues for corporate events won’t allow any outside catering in their facilities. This puts the company in a real bind, as their attendees need that special menu or they cannot eat on site. If they cannot take advantage of the convenience of eating onsite with other attendees, this is a deal breaker. They won’t attend.

Villa Ragusa has a plan in place to accommodate your caterers. We want to make sure your event is a huge success, and we understand that foods for special dietary needs is something every company must provide for their attendees.

Outside Catering Guidelines

We have guidelines in place for when your event needs to bring in an outside caterer. Of course, we’d love to prepare a special menu, but our kitchen isn’t set up to do catering for gluten-free, kosher, halal and other specialty foods. So, we have set up a process that ensures your caterer will be able to bring in their foods and your event will go on without a hitch.

See our Outside Catering Guidelines and begin the process long before your scheduled date.

Company Holiday Party Venue in Silicon Valley

Company Holiday Party Venue in Silicon Valley

There are still spaces left at Villa Ragusa for your company holiday party. There are rooms available that can seat under 200 guests up to 600 guests. But time is running out. You need to book very soon.

Company Holiday Party

The company holiday party can be a party the staff enjoys and looks forward to attending every year. It is particularly anticipated when this party is where the end of the year awards are issued, annual commission bonuses and holiday checks are distributed. If turkeys and hams are handed out, so much the better. You might want to hold back on the fruitcakes, however. Nobody loves the fruitcake.

Villa Ragusa goes the extra mile to make sure your company holiday party this year is the best yet. We offer full catering, from buffet style to sit down dinners or luncheons. We have a full bar available and experienced waitstaff, cocktails servers and bartenders available.

The dance floor is always heavily used whether you hire a band or go with one of our popular DJs in the area. Photo booths and entertainers are always a fun time, if your schedule allows for a lot of free time for fun activities.

The event coordinators at Villa Ragusa are happy to give you suggestions on what works well for corporate holiday parties. We also keep a list of vendors, so we can direct you to local entertainers that specialize in making sure your guests have a wonderful time.

Booking a Venue

Villa Ragusa currently has time slots open around the holidays. It’s important that you book the day you need very soon, as we get fully booked by November. We have a beautiful space that accommodates company parties well and we have convenient parking.