Tips on Planning a Wedding Reception

Tips on Planning a Wedding Reception

True love is about meeting someone that loves your weirdness, and you love theirs. Your weirdness is compatible with theirs, and it is a special feeling. Just like any other couple, you want everything to be perfect on your special day.

Here are Tips on Planning a Wedding Reception

Visit the Reception Venue Severally

It would help if you got a sense of the room for ideas on the most appropriate decor. Walkthrough the floor plan and ask for ideas on what has worked in the past. Determine whether the entryways and staircases require special highlights such as special accents with flowers and lighting.

Well, the event space at Villa Ragusa is open, big, and airy. This makes it very easy to decorate according to your preference. Our staff is at your disposal for ideas and organization.

Choose Colors and Light Up the Room

Take note of the different colors in the event venue and pick complementary colors. Don’t forget to discuss lighting options with the event venue. Of course, creating the right ambiance is at the center of a perfect romantic setting.

Brighter lights on the dance floor attract the right energy to get everyone moving.

Put Special Focus into the Seating

The available space determines the most appropriate seating arrangement. Certainly, you don’t want to overcrowd the event space as it will be in poor taste. Ensure that there’s ample space to avoid awkward moments like guests bumping into each other.

The venue rooms at Villa Ragusa are big and airy, and you have a lot of space to try out various ideas. Also, our knowledgeable staff can help you with this.

Thoughtful Extras

Inarguably, the happiness of your guests is the ultimate goal of a wedding reception. A successful wedding reception is where guests talk about it for a long time to come. For example, having several exotic food options like what you get at Villa Ragusa and other extras such as champagne for wedding toast makes the moment unforgettable.

Engagement Banquet Hall in Campbell CA

Engagement Banquet Hall in Campbell CA

It’s important to have just the right engagement banquet hall to host your engagement party. You want a venue that will match the size of your gathering. Too large of a room will have a detrimental effect on the joyous occasion with an empty room feel. Too small and the guests are bumping into each other and feeling cramped. So, here are some recommendations for making the perfect space for your gathering.

Engagement Banquet Hall

Finding just the right place might be easier than you think. Villa Ragusa has room sizes to fit any small party of 75 up to events for about 600 guests. We can tailor the size of the room to make sure it is a perfect fit for your engagement party. Take a look at our facility page to see the various standard sizes.


We have onsite catering at Villa Ragusa for your convenience. We offer many tasty and varied menu choices which will delight your guests. If you have a catering preference to use your own caterer, we are happy to oblige. We have guidelines to follow when using your own caterer. You can find more information about guidelines for caterers on our outside catering page. Please be sure to print a copy for later reference.

When to Have the Party

Having an engagement party is so exciting. It is the best way to celebrate the occasion – with all your friends and family. But when should it take place?

Your engagement party should be scheduled within a couple of months of the engagement. This way it won’t interfere with the planning of the wedding or be too close to the wedding itself.

Who Pays for the Party

The bride’s parents are typically expected to pay for this traditionally, however, these days these older customs are being replaced with a more modern approach. It is acceptable to share the expense between the parents or the happy couple can pay for it themselves.

Villa Ragusa

Villa Ragusa has the banquet hall you need to put on the perfect engagement party. Call us today to ask about our calendar to see if the date you’re thinking of will work.

Renting a Hall for a Party

Renting a Hall for a Party

Whether it’s a family reunion, Christmas party, a notable anniversary or an engagement party, renting a hall for your party is a very good idea. Parties require an exhaustive amount of energy to plan and set up. Having a venue makes your party so much easier.

Renting a Hall for a Party

Renting a hall for party is an excellent idea if you want to be able to enjoy the party yourself. Even a smaller party of 50 or fewer guests can seem an overwhelming task. Having an event hall like Villa Ragusa can give you the help you need.

Benefits of Renting a Hall

  • The caterer does the dishes
  • You can use the option for the hall to cleanup
  • There is plenty of parking
  • The meal or snacks are handled by the Hall
  • Adequate number of bathrooms
  • Plenty of space, tables and chairs
  • Cocktails served by professionals
  • Insurance is affordable to protect you

The Importance of Insurance

A lot can go wrong at parties. Someone could try their spectacular dance move they perfected when they were 20. And at 50 they managed to break a leg, badly. Who foots the bill?

If you think the venue does, you might not be 100% correct. If there is a lawsuit then you’re likely to be included as the host of the event. Possibly your homeowner’s insurance policy would cover it, but probably not. So, what to do?

There is a policy that you should purchase for your party. You can purchase this policy online. Just do a search for “event insurance.” Shop around to get the coverage that best suits your party. Some companies will cover things like stolen gifts, alcohol related accidents, auto liability and various other types of problems that you’re sure will never happen, but often do.

Villa Ragusa

Villa Ragusa is a beautiful hall to rent when you’re having a party. Give us a call. We’d love to hear about your plans and the type of room you’d like to rent.

Banquet Hall in the San Jose Area

Banquet Hall in the San Jose Area

Just a few minutes southwest of San Jose is a banquet hall that is known for its beauty and very accommodating staff. Villa Ragusa is where you want to have your corporate gatherings, private parties and awards dinners for guest lists up to 600.

Banquet Hall near San Jose

Villa Ragusa is a very popular venue for wedding receptions, birthday parties and business meetings. It’s known for its beauty as well as for its excellent service as a banquet hall in San Jose, CA.

There are a variety of rooms that comfortably seat up to 175 guests to 600+. Our in-house catering staff is able to accommodate buffets as well as served meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. We have prepared menus for your convenience.

If you’d like to use your own caterer instead of the house caterer, you’re welcome to do that. We have some outside caterer guidelines that need to be followed and special arrangements need to be made well ahead of your gathering. We are happy to help with that process, just let us know.

Each of the exquisite rooms at Villa Ragusa has an outdoor balcony where guests can mingle or take a break from the action while enjoying the view of the city. Entrance to the balcony is through the curtained sliding glass doors. There are several for each event room.

We have ample parking that is quick stroll down the street, as well as a small lot at Villa Ragusa. We try to make parking as convenient as possible for all of our guests. You’ll be informed on which to use when you schedule your event with us.

Villa Ragusa

Villa Ragusa is a very popular banquet hall near San Jose, because of this our calendar fills up quickly. Weekends are booked exceptionally quick. Please let us know many months in advance if you need a weekend date. Dates during the week can usually be booked with much less notice but call us as soon as possible.

Retro Wedding Theme Ideas from the Hippy Mod Era of the 1960s

Retro Wedding Theme Ideas from the Hippy Mod Era of the 1960s

When you’re not one to do what every other person is doing, your wedding needs to be far out and maybe a little psychedelic. The colorful, flower power era of the 1960s will prove to have completely unique ideas to use for your wedding theme.

Wedding Theme Ideas from the 1960s

While the 1960s seemed to have a life of its own where anything goes, it did have a certain theme to its style. It featured very bold, bright colors and a lot of them. The art was extremely busy and replicating an LSD acid trip always appeared to be the goal. But weddings had a style all their own.

In the early 1960s wedding styles were still a little stiff and conservative with their empire-waisted A-line dresses and pillbox hats. But as time marched on the mod movement took over and things took a dramatic turn with very short shift dresses and the hippy movement’s long, belled sleeves and Watteau trains.

Veils were attached to the pillbox hat for the conservative bride and for the hippy even an old lace tablecloth would do. Typically, the veil was made from numerous layers of white tulle and cut at about shoulder length.

But the make-up reigned supreme. The 1960s featured just about anything the super model Twiggy did. And Twiggy wore thick, black eyeliner along with huge long, black eyelashes. And so did any fashionable bride.

Going Old School

Of course, having an old fashioned, retro style wedding requires an old-fashioned venue. The rebellious 60s was all about bucking the system and pushing back against the establishment. The old European style architecture of Villa Ragusa gives you that perfect backdrop to push back against with your loud colors and eyelashes that would make a doe very jealous.

Give us a call if you’d like to discuss having your retro-themed wedding at Villa Ragusa.

Banquet Hall for Engagement Party for an Amazing Celebration

Banquet Hall for Engagement Party for an Amazing Celebration

Finding just the right banquet hall for your engagement party isn’t a simple task. There are so many venues and so very many rules that must be followed. It can make you dizzy shopping and visiting all of these places. But there is one banquet hall that is just perfect for engagement parties of 600 or fewer guests.

Banquet Hall for Engagement Party

Whether you’d like your party to include dining, a buffet or a party with a band, Villa Ragusa is the perfect choice for a banquet hall for your engagement party.

Of course, you want the venue to be gorgeous. Beautiful buildings enhance the importance of this special occasion. An engagement is a reason to celebrate, almost as much as the wedding reception! You’ve made a very special commitment to each other and are publicly expressing your intent to spend the rest of your lives together. It is a joyous occasion and Villa Ragusa is the beautiful building that will give the impression you want for your celebration.

Important Tip for Your Celebration

Speak to our event coordinators at Villa Ragusa before setting your date in stone. You want to make sure you have a date that is available on our schedule. Also, we’ll go over some options that allow you to save money on the room, so you can put more of your budget into the entertainment or invitations. For instance you can have your celebration during the week or during a slow time for us. Those dates will rent for far less than a weekend date during a peak period.

Give us a call at Villa Ragusa to make an appointment to meet with one of our event coordinators. We will give you many tips on how to have a successful celebration. You’ll love Villa Ragusa as your choice of a banquet hall for your engagement party.