Why You Should Have a Remote Workers Meeting

Why You Should Have a Remote Workers Meeting

Many startups and established organizations are still in business, thanks to technology. Remote working has ensured continued service delivery to the benefit of all stakeholders. Unfortunately, remote working has also brought on a handful of challenges, especially for business leaders.

Have Just a Few Meetings for Remote Workers

You will be tempted to micro-manage the remote team through regular calls and frequent status update requests to foster a team environment. However, these new administrative activities will interfere with your team’s productivity. You can make it less disruptive and more efficient by holding only a few meetings in a quiet and upscale events space such Villa Ragusa.

The first meeting will lay out the procedures and processes that everyone will use for communication and cooperation with one another. Regular meetings with a published agenda, such as weekly or biweekly, will help maintain the momentum and iron out any issues that may crop up.

Your team will also benefit from one-on-one meetings to create rapport and touch base whenever necessary. It will create an opportunity to thank the staff for their hard work during these tough economic times.

Why the Meetings are Important

Remote working is a new thing, and most employees will have a hard time adjusting, and the leaders may be in the dark about what’s happening. Some of the most common remote work issues can be traced to flawed assumptions and ineffective communication.

You can remedy these problems through working agreements to have the right expectations. This applies to both the leaders and the subordinates.

For example, you can agree on working hours, medium for communication, and when to expect replies. Scaling back on the number of meetings frees the worker’s time for better work scheduling. They are already dealing with enough interruptions at home.

On the other hand, the meeting will thank the remote workers. Everyone is dealing with added stress through these extraordinary times, and the employees need to feel supported.

Villa Ragusa has been hosting business meetings and events in Silicon Valley for a long time. We have the expertise, amenities, and support to make the meetings for remote workers successful.

Vaccinations will be finished up this spring, and the semblance of normality will take over in the business space, so book now!

Time to Plan Your Wedding

Time to Plan Your Wedding

There is a whole lot to think about when planning for the day you will walk down the aisle. It’s your big day, and you want the best experience out of it, regardless of what is happening in the world. You deserve it.

In this coronavirus era, there are many moving parts, which can sometimes overshadow the big day. Currently, there is a broad vaccination campaign, and the expectation is that up to 70% of the population in the US may be vaccinated by October, and a sense of normality will be back.

That means things should be looking up as we move to the tail-end of the year. Here are a few points to help you plan for your wedding next year.

Play it Safe

The expectation is that things will start to go back to normal within a couple of months. However, it is crucial to consider the current restrictions that may still be in force on your wedding day.

For example, decide at least six months to allow your guests sufficient time to modify travel arrangements. This is also vital for the mental health of everyone.

For some people, the bigger the wedding, the merrier. Nonetheless, you may have to trim the guest list and consider social distancing rules.

Consider Your Guests

Where your guests are coming from is a huge consideration. Decide how much time they will need to make travel adjustments, considering that each state may have its own restrictions in place.

If most of your wedding reception crowd is local, then the adjustment period reduces significantly. We are talking about two to three months.

It is essential to voice your concerns to your venue and know what your options are going forward. At Villa Ragusa, we have experienced events staff, and we can help you with other logistics and other stuff to make your wedding successful.

Be Open with Your Vendors

It helps quite significantly to have a one-on-one with your vendors about the worst-case scenario. Discuss a game plan with them about the available solutions should you want to postpone the event.

Here at Villa Ragusa, we are hopeful that everything will change for the better, and you can finally have the best wedding experience. We are flexible, and our staff is at your disposal for brainstorming.

Reserve your space now!

3 Special Ways to Celebrate Your Parent’s Anniversary

3 Special Ways to Celebrate Your Parent’s Anniversary

Celebrating your parents’ anniversary is one of the subtle ways that you demonstrate your appreciation and gratitude to some of the most influential people in your life. Anniversaries rank higher than most other celebrations, so it’s vital to put some thought into it. Your parents deserve a celebration for reaching that important milestone. Here are some ideas.

  1. Give Their Old Wedding Attire New Life
    Your parents’ old wedding attire is among their treasured possessions. Consider restoring the attire by cleaning up stains and patching where there are holes. You don’t need to change a lot of things because they love it the way it is. Certainly, your parents will well up in tears when they see their wedding attire looking all new, and in the same condition as the day they got married. Indeed, their happiness will be infectious, and the whole event will be overflowing with joy and happiness.
  2. Wedding Anniversary Cake
    An anniversary celebration without a wedding cake is just a small family gathering. The wedding cake adds some flavor and happiness to the crowd and transforms it into a memorable anniversary celebration. Nothing compares to seeing your parents happy, lip-smacking, and sharing their favorite cake flavor with close family members. It’s what beautiful memories are made from.
  3. Music and Dance
    Music and dance are always successful in flipping the mood upside down. Make sure there is adequate space for everyone to shake their legs and maintain some reasonable distance. Plan for your parents to make a dance over their favorite romantic music, and everyone can join in to perform a duet with their spouses.

Villa Ragusa is a unique event space for wedding anniversaries for both small and large groups. It’s designed to accommodate different styles and tastes, including intimate gatherings for your parents’ wedding anniversary. Imagine your parents ascending the gorgeous granite staircase to the reception where everybody is waiting with bated breaths. It’s among the things that will make them feel truly appreciated.

Best Wedding Favors in 2020

Best Wedding Favors in 2020

There is no better way of showing your gratitude to guests than through personalized wedding favors. They never go out of style, especially if you can’t find the right words to express your appreciation. Wedding favors should be straight forward not to take a significant chunk of your planning time. Even so, they should be meaningful and practical to create everlasting memories.

Personalized Wedding Stoppers

The perfect wedding favor can include a personalized wedding stopper. Usually, there are various designs to choose from, and each of them can melt the guests’ hearts.

Personalized Hand Sanitizers

Personalized hand sanitizers are the best way of killing two birds with one stone. You keep your loved ones healthy and, at the same time, show gratitude for the support and love.

Personalized Wine Label

A winery themed wedding is for the specific guests with a taste for the finer things in life. It is almost impossible to turn down a delicious bottle of wine, especially if it has your label. The guests will remember and appreciate your big day as they toast back at home.


No matter how creative or perfect the wedding favor may be, it would not mean anything if the venue’s location and type is not up to the standard. For example, a candy gift basket will not augur well in the outdoors, especially in the summer heat.

A great event venue, such as Villa Ragusa, will make it a truly memorable wedding event. The event space has a modern touch of decor, architecture, and amenities. We have a banquet hall that can hold up to 650 guests for a wedding reception. And to spice everything up, our event staff is at your disposal for wedding favor ideas and reception assistance.

3 Points to Consider for a Successful Corporate Event Venue

3 Points to Consider for a Successful Corporate Event Venue

The perfect corporate event venue is not something you achieve at the drop of a hat. It requires some time and consideration if the goal is to convince or impress. The right venue can translate to a successful networking or training experience.

But which are the factors that will make delegates comfortable, with eyes on the presentation as opposed to the exit door?

Space and Layout

The right event space should meet your needs, no doubt. Determine whether the available space can accommodate the whole group at the same time. Do you need a networking area or breakout rooms? Is the floor space of the event venue flexible?

It’s also essential to determine whether you’ll be having the space to yourself. Will there be other events taking place? Of course, you don’t want another meeting raining on your parade, especially when you have very important guests.

The layouts of the Villa Ragusa rooms are flexible. They are open and airy for more natural decoration and organization. Also, the staff is always available to give a hand in making your event successful.

The Services and Amenities

The level of service and inclusions will vary between different event venues. Find out the various packages on offer before making a decision.

Villa Ragusa has skilled event managers that can discuss your event needs and how to make the meeting successful. The event space is sprinkled with natural woodwork, granite foyer and marble columns. Certainly, the natural light and European architecture at the event space are sure to impress your guests and help to convince them of your ideas.

Food and Beverage

It’s critical to think about the different tastes and preferences of your guests. Can the event space accommodate halal, vegan, gluten-free or other special dietary requests?

Villa Ragusa has a variety of hor d’oeuvres and dinner menus to choose from. Moreover, the menus can be customized to suit the needs of your delegates.

Tips on Planning a Wedding Reception

Tips on Planning a Wedding Reception

True love is about meeting someone that loves your weirdness, and you love theirs. Your weirdness is compatible with theirs, and it is a special feeling. Just like any other couple, you want everything to be perfect on your special day.

Here are Tips on Planning a Wedding Reception

Visit the Reception Venue Severally

It would help if you got a sense of the room for ideas on the most appropriate decor. Walkthrough the floor plan and ask for ideas on what has worked in the past. Determine whether the entryways and staircases require special highlights such as special accents with flowers and lighting.

Well, the event space at Villa Ragusa is open, big, and airy. This makes it very easy to decorate according to your preference. Our staff is at your disposal for ideas and organization.

Choose Colors and Light Up the Room

Take note of the different colors in the event venue and pick complementary colors. Don’t forget to discuss lighting options with the event venue. Of course, creating the right ambiance is at the center of a perfect romantic setting.

Brighter lights on the dance floor attract the right energy to get everyone moving.

Put Special Focus into the Seating

The available space determines the most appropriate seating arrangement. Certainly, you don’t want to overcrowd the event space as it will be in poor taste. Ensure that there’s ample space to avoid awkward moments like guests bumping into each other.

The venue rooms at Villa Ragusa are big and airy, and you have a lot of space to try out various ideas. Also, our knowledgeable staff can help you with this.

Thoughtful Extras

Inarguably, the happiness of your guests is the ultimate goal of a wedding reception. A successful wedding reception is where guests talk about it for a long time to come. For example, having several exotic food options like what you get at Villa Ragusa and other extras such as champagne for wedding toast makes the moment unforgettable.