Of course, by the time something is trending it is already old hat, right? Well, these are the up and coming ideas for 2020, so they aren’t overdone until long after your wedding reception. Be sure to include some of these awesome wedding favor ideas for your guests.

Awesome Wedding Favors for 2020

Really, it is all about packaging when it comes to little gifts you leave on the tables for your wedding guests. Packaging will make a simple item into a delightful, well thought out gift. So, do the presentation a solid and upgrade it to fabulous.


You simply must go eco-friendly on everything possible, especially for a California wedding! People do not want to see a single iota of plastic. For your gifts and your packaging, go with very well designed, colorful recycled materials, quaintly designed with bows and  shredded recycled paper stuffing.

Embrace the Trends

The latest trends – when used in your gifts – make it all very unique, but timely. Stainless steel straws are one of those types of little gifts people will appreciate. Just because the word straw is now a dirty word, doesn’t mean those wearing lipstick are going to forgo asking for one. A reusable stainless steel straw is the perfect gift.

Color it Blue

Blue is the “in color” in 2020. Use whichever shade of this amazingly bright, happy color that fits with your wedding colors. So, pick gifts that are blue and definitely use a blue shade for your wedding favor packaging’s accents.


Pick a colorful, little plant that is indigenous to the area of your wedding and package the little guy as a wedding favor. Those who fly in won’t be able to take them home, but you can offer them an alternative. You might use these plants in lieu of table flower bouquets.

More Ideas

Our staff loves to help with ideas for weddings, as they see so many weddings every year that they’ve seen all the super cool ideas. Be sure to ask for some help on ideas from Villa Ragusa.