Every wife-to-be desires a picture-perfect wedding, with pomp and splendor. Katherine Heigl in the all-time classic, 27 Dresses, epitomizes the kind of bridesmaid attire that every bride wishes they had, well, maybe at least at the time. The contemporary bridesmaid dresses are trendier, more visually satiating and chic.

There are several full-on stylish dress options you can pick for the bridesmaids to make the whole event visually spectacular and memorable for a lifetime. If you are short on ideas, the following suggestions may help.

The One-Shoulder Dresses

The asymmetrical detail dresses are at the top of the bridesmaid dress trends list, and it screams perfection. There are several colors to pick from, ranging from the elegant gunmetal, soft neutral, classic navy, bold and vibrant hues, royal purple, and dark shades.

Preferably, the bouquets should complement the colors of the dresses. For example, the plum jewel tone on monochromatic dresses goes well with bouquets adorning a lighter shade.

The same dress style, such as the elegant, bold hues, gives the event some sense of sophistication for all the bridesmaids. Let every maid pick the color of their shoes to let individual personalities shine through.

Mismatched Gowns

A mismatched bridal party has its place on the big day. For example, the Carolina Herrera dresses, or other styles with touches of the classy and sassy, are incredibly adorable, similar to shades of coral and poppy for any wedding event.

Different necklines, unique patterns, and shades of neutrals or the bohemian style dresses are also easy stand-outs. And of course, we all know that one girl who loves everything shiny. Sequins will definitely lift their spirit and of everyone, and which is the main idea.

Skirts in prints announce class and good taste. They deserve their very own photo-op, and why not?

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