Have a Big Wine & Cheese Party

Have a Big Wine & Cheese Party

We can all agree that food and drink parties are the most fun and social activity you can engage in. Food parties transcend cultural barriers and loosen tensions between individuals and groups.

Perhaps that is the reason dinner parties are a staple of political and international gatherings. Sometimes, a plate and glass of wine achieve more than emails and phone calls combined to build consensus.

Nothing is as sublime as conversations over a glass of sparkling wine.

Whether for a group of friends, or business partners, a big wine and cheese party can create the ideal environment for fun conversations. Nobody says no to a sip of glorious wine!

Get the Pairing Right

Perhaps your guests are not sommeliers, but that is no excuse for getting the wrong popper pairings. It is not the time to experiment.

As a rule of thumb, the wine and cheese should be from the same region to make the perfect combo. For example, Swiss with Gewurztraminer, Cream Cheese with White Zinfandel, or Brie with a Sweet Sherry are excellent combos.

Ideally, serve a variety of cheese and wine to accommodate various tastes. Make a few modifications to match the season. But if ever in doubt, you can always pick the brain of our event organizers.

There are also other unwritten rules, such as when the wine and cheese party should start. It should be before or after dinner.

Why Villa Ragusa?

Silicon Valley is just 2 hours away from the Nappa Valley wine region. So, it would be easy to get local wines to mix with international ones.

But apart from our proximity to the heart of the wine region, we have the tools of the trade. Red wines usually have bigger bouquets than white wines, so they tend to have larger bowl-style glasses. Some occasions may require attention to detail to create the perfect mood, which may also translate to spending on glasses. This may not be necessary.

Villa Ragusa has a good collection of international wines. In addition, our facility can match any style and sophistication you have in mind for the big wine and cheese party in Silicon Valley.

Bourbon Tasting Get Together

Bourbon Tasting Get Together

A bourbon-tasting party is the stuff of bourbon legends; people that love bourbon. While you and your friends can take as much bourbon as possible in a single sitting, it can lead to bourbon fatigue.

Limit the bourbon to five bottles and thereabout, and remember to keep your guest list small to make the bourbon selection easy. Also, remember that a bourbon-tasting session would not be a party if you don’t have the right glasses. If it’s a party, the glasses must be suitable for the occasion, and the venue must complement the importance of the event.

Comparison and Horizontal Tasting

One school of thought in comparison to bourbon tasting is to use at least 51% corn, with the remaining grains being malted wheat and flavoring grains (usually rye or wheat).

There are mash bills that use more than 70% corn, the other 30% is rye or wheat, and high rye bourbons with a high rye content. A standard mash bill may be wheated bourbons that use wheat in the place of rye, along with some barley and corn.

Usually, mix and match, starting with the wheated varieties, and moving on to something more standard. In most cases, high rye bourbons come last. Try to stick with bourbons from the same age group.

Horizontal tasting involves bourbons of similar age. This can be entry-level bourbons or something upscale of more than ten years.

Don’t Forget Distilled Water

Along with the bourbon bottles and glasses, a full pitcher of distilled water is essential to keep guests hydrated. Have an eye dropper or straw for the drops of whisky. Adding water to the whisky has the same effect as swirling a glass of wine to determine the taste and scent.

Villa Ragusa has the whisky glasses, bourbon glasses, amenities, and expertise needed to make the event a success. What are you waiting for? Start planning your bourbon-tasting get-together today at Villa Ragusa.

Big Savings with Our Banquet Hall Deals

Big Savings with Our Banquet Hall Deals

Cultivating a savings habit is critical for the financial success of individuals and businesses. As an entrepreneur, fishing for deals and opportunities for savings is vital wisdom.

We’ll help you save.

Villa Ragusa offers special rates for events booked midweek or during slow times of the year. It’s an excellent opportunity to save hundreds of dollars – could making savings for your business be this easier?

How the Banquet Hall Deals Benefit Your Business

Banquet halls are sometimes the bee’s knees for small businesses because they provide a space for the company to hold meetings, training, and other events.

The business connects with its customers and employees more personally, which can lead to better relationships and more sales. Banquet halls offer an excellent opportunity for small businesses to network with other companies.

By taking advantage of banquet hall deals, small businesses can save money on meeting space while still getting all the benefits of using a banquet hall.

The savings then add up to the bottom line.

Businesses can save money on meeting space, food, and other expenses by taking advantage of these deals. This can help the company keep its costs down and improve its profit margins.

Typically, the banquet hall deals benefits extend to the stakeholders. The business can show its customers and employees that it is committed to providing a high-quality experience. A better relationship with the customers and employees has a ripple effect throughout the organization.

Book a Premium Banquet Hall and Saving

Our special rates for events booked midweek or during slow times of the year are excellent opportunities you can leverage to impress your customers and employees. It also helps make savings that can add up to the benefit of your organization. It’s the little things that matter the most. Ask our event coordinator about discounted days near your ideal booking dates.

Hosting the Ideal  Bridal Shower Party

Hosting the Ideal Bridal Shower Party

Hosting a wedding shower party is a great honor, but the pressure to arrange the ideal party may be overwhelming. You will deal with opposing personalities in the wedding party, arranging logistics, and trying to make everything perfect for the bride-to-be. And that can be stressful. However, understanding a few tips and methods may help you pull off a stress-free, fun-filled party.

Planning is Key to Success

Bridal showers are usually held one to three months before the wedding day. Consult with the bride-to-be about the best day and time for hosting the event. For convenience, she may also schedule additional pre-wedding events, such as the hair and makeup trial for bridesmaids or dress fitting, around the same timeframe.

If the bridal shower is not a surprise, you should enlist the help of the bride-to-be in making a guest list. It will typically involve the couple’s entire female relatives, girlfriends, bridesmaids, and maybe even neighbors and coworkers. Alternatively, the bride-to-be may decide to include the groom in the fun loop by hosting a ‘couple shower’.
However, note that no one should be invited to the bridal shower if they are not invited to the wedding.

Other Itineraries to Consider

Choosing a theme will help you organize your bridal shower and make other selections easier, such as selecting a venue and how to decorate it. Think about the leading lady’s personality: is she a connoisseur, a fashionista, a movie enthusiast, or a party animal? Building the bridal shower around her preferences will give it a personal touch, making the bride-to-be feel more special.

Choose a venue that best fits your theme or one that has some ‘built-in’ activities, such as a cake-decorating class, to save time brainstorming ideas on your own. Our event rooms at Villa Ragusa are spacious and equipped to accommodate over 650 guests, with an environment that will keep you and your guests relaxed.

A Banquet for Club Meetings

A Banquet for Club Meetings

Benjamin Franklin and Einstein have one thing in common. Well, yes, they were both intellectuals, but more importantly, they were chess enthusiasts. Of course, there is some camaraderie of common interests provided by chess and similar games, but they also come with benefits such as cognitive development.

Becoming a well-oiled machine in chess makes you smarter, and there is evidence to support this.

But whether you are a member of a chess club or you are into quilting bees or mahjong championships, finding the right space for club meetings is essential. Organize a banquet for the club meetings and achieve the following.

Sustain the Spirit of Sportsmanship

Unlike some years ago, where you needed a higher level of athleticism to be considered a real sportsman, games such as chess and mahjong have evolved the meaning. You can compete mentally as you attempt to come up with ways you can outmaneuver your opponent.

Every game is a chance to improve and an exciting prospect for all and sundry. You see, participants often shake hands and appreciate each other, whatever the outcome.

But an occasional banquet with club members goes a long way into maintaining a spirit of sportsmanship. You share a meal with other players you often face across the table.

Grow the Club

Stepping out on a limb and joining the world of mahjong comes out of a desire to learn and a need for community. Once in a while, hire an event space such as Villa Ragusa, share a meal and invite new members. When the club has more members, it grows to new heights, becomes more competitive, and grows as a source of excitement.

After the coronavirus restrictions, an in-person meeting for club members is long overdue. Contact Villa Ragusa to organize a banquet, and carry on from where you left off. You owe it to yourselves this much.