There is One Banquet Hall That Allows You to Use Your Own Caterer

There is One Banquet Hall That Allows You to Use Your Own Caterer

If you’ve been shopping around for a banquet hall, likely you have discovered that you will be required to use the hall’s catering for your event. This is the case whether you enjoy their food selections or not. The good news is that there is one facility that will let you use whatever caterer you’d like the best!

Banquet Halls and Outside Catering

Villa Ragusa is a banquet hall that wants to make sure you have your wedding reception or other events exactly the way you want it. The big factor there is the food. We understand that sometimes you will have your heart set on a certain menu or you’ll need a specialized food cooked due to special dietary needs. We want to make sure you have that.

There are some guidelines to be followed when bringing in an outside caterer to Villa Ragusa, but your caterer will be accustomed to these sorts of requirements. Of course, for the safety of everyone at your event, the caterer you choose must be a licensed food handler in the state of California and be a professional caterer.

If you plan to use your own caterer instead of the Villa Ragusa on-site caterer, you will need to let us know when you book the event. It is required that the cater show their business license and current health certificate right away. Additionally, they will need to do a walk-through of our facility at least 30 days prior to your event. And they will be required to provide an on-site manager for the event.

Planning Your Event

Please ask for all the requirements for catering when you discuss your event with our event coordinator. We want to make sure your event is wonderful and exactly as you expect it to be. Give us a call today to discuss your wedding reception, party or corporate events.

Venue That Allows Outside Catering for Your Wedding

Venue That Allows Outside Catering for Your Wedding

Finding a venue that allows outside catering for your wedding reception is difficult. But! You are in luck. The gorgeous venue Villa Ragusa allows outside catering for any event. So, if you are keeping kosher, halal, vegan or if you just want to use your favorite caterer, you’ve found your venue.

Venue Allows Outside Caterer

Villa Ragusa knows that you have enough on your plate when planning your wedding without having to struggle over catering issues. We want to make sure your event is perfect and provides the exact dining experience you want for your wedding reception. Using an outside caterer is not too much to ask!

Catering Guideline

For the health and safety of all guests, we do have guidelines for using an outside caterer that must be followed. When you book your event, please ask us about our outside catering guidelines.

Uncle Pete Catering

We know you think your Uncle Pete is the best cook ever! And we’re sure he creates some tasty dishes that everyone would enjoy. Unfortunately, in order for your friend or relative to cook for your event at Villa Ragusa they need a current catering business license and a current health certificate. This is the only way we can be sure that your friend or family member has all of the food safety knowledge and practices required by law.

Please allow adequate time for Villa Ragusa to approve your catering choice. The caterer needs to do a walk-though at least a month before the event. Both the caterer and their staffing agency need to sign our contract.


All beverages must be purchased from Villa Ragusa, even when using an outside caterer. Barware will be provided by Villa Ragusa unless provided by the client.

Outside Catering

Villa Ragusa is a venue that knows the food served at your wedding is so very important to you. We do everything we can to help make your choices happen.