Of course, aerial dancers hanging from scarves from the ceiling would be the most spectacular wedding reception activity for guests to watch, but it is tough to find a venue that can support that idea. However, there is something else that will have your guests shocked and enthralled in the show.

Wedding Reception Activity

When things get a little quiet after the meal at your wedding reception, you need something huge to wake everyone up and begin having a wonderful time again. That is the point at which the professional tango dancers are led into the room. Several couples dressed in colorful costumes and tango dancing through the room to the dance floor will have the eyes of everyone at the reception.

There is no dance more romantic or sexier than the tango. Rarely does anyone know how to do the dance, but everyone can’t stop watching as the dancers become ever more intense. It is a song of submission to the heart. A perfect surprise entertainment for the wedding reception.

Everyone wants to do the tango, so having an instructor on hand after the dance will allow everyone to have a fun time learning a few sexy steps. It is a guaranteed good time with loads of laughs and many photo opportunities for the wedding album.

Where to Find Tango Dancers

There are tango dancers in San Francisco.

Try these organizations to locate dancers and instructors to have fun dancing the tango at your wedding reception.


Wedding Venue with Dance Floor

Villa Ragusa is a wedding reception venue that can support just about any type of wedding reception activity. We have dance floors in our rooms, too! Give us a call for more information.