Finding just the right banquet hall for your engagement party isn’t a simple task. There are so many venues and so very many rules that must be followed. It can make you dizzy shopping and visiting all of these places. But there is one banquet hall that is just perfect for engagement parties of 600 or fewer guests.

Banquet Hall for Engagement Party

Whether you’d like your party to include dining, a buffet or a party with a band, Villa Ragusa is the perfect choice for a banquet hall for your engagement party.

Of course, you want the venue to be gorgeous. Beautiful buildings enhance the importance of this special occasion. An engagement is a reason to celebrate, almost as much as the wedding reception! You’ve made a very special commitment to each other and are publicly expressing your intent to spend the rest of your lives together. It is a joyous occasion and Villa Ragusa is the beautiful building that will give the impression you want for your celebration.

Important Tip for Your Celebration

Speak to our event coordinators at Villa Ragusa before setting your date in stone. You want to make sure you have a date that is available on our schedule. Also, we’ll go over some options that allow you to save money on the room, so you can put more of your budget into the entertainment or invitations. For instance you can have your celebration during the week or during a slow time for us. Those dates will rent for far less than a weekend date during a peak period.

Give us a call at Villa Ragusa to make an appointment to meet with one of our event coordinators. We will give you many tips on how to have a successful celebration. You’ll love Villa Ragusa as your choice of a banquet hall for your engagement party.