Many startups and established organizations are still in business, thanks to technology. Remote working has ensured continued service delivery to the benefit of all stakeholders. Unfortunately, remote working has also brought on a handful of challenges, especially for business leaders.

Have Just a Few Meetings for Remote Workers

You will be tempted to micro-manage the remote team through regular calls and frequent status update requests to foster a team environment. However, these new administrative activities will interfere with your team’s productivity. You can make it less disruptive and more efficient by holding only a few meetings in a quiet and upscale events space such Villa Ragusa.

The first meeting will lay out the procedures and processes that everyone will use for communication and cooperation with one another. Regular meetings with a published agenda, such as weekly or biweekly, will help maintain the momentum and iron out any issues that may crop up.

Your team will also benefit from one-on-one meetings to create rapport and touch base whenever necessary. It will create an opportunity to thank the staff for their hard work during these tough economic times.

Why the Meetings are Important

Remote working is a new thing, and most employees will have a hard time adjusting, and the leaders may be in the dark about what’s happening. Some of the most common remote work issues can be traced to flawed assumptions and ineffective communication.

You can remedy these problems through working agreements to have the right expectations. This applies to both the leaders and the subordinates.

For example, you can agree on working hours, medium for communication, and when to expect replies. Scaling back on the number of meetings frees the worker’s time for better work scheduling. They are already dealing with enough interruptions at home.

On the other hand, the meeting will thank the remote workers. Everyone is dealing with added stress through these extraordinary times, and the employees need to feel supported.

Villa Ragusa has been hosting business meetings and events in Silicon Valley for a long time. We have the expertise, amenities, and support to make the meetings for remote workers successful.

Vaccinations will be finished up this spring, and the semblance of normality will take over in the business space, so book now!