There are only a handful of wedding reception venues that can give you a Cinderella kind of experience. There are several factors such as the amenities, services and other minor details that every couple dreams of having in their wedding reception.

The grand staircase, balconies, and the mahogany and marble accents of the classic European style venue are some of what Villa Ragusa offers. But why should you choose Villa Ragusa for your wedding reception?

Ambience and Style

The classic European style and architecture of Villa Ragusa is pretty much the requirement of upscale events such as elegant weddings and anniversaries. The interior decor and theme is clean, elegant, and above the expectation of most. Downtown Campbell’s environment is friendly and low profile for successful anniversary celebrations.

Perfect Location and Amenities

The small-town friendly atmosphere, coupled with ample private parking and easy accessibility, contribute to a delightful experience. The high ceilings, large spaces and long balconies complement what is the perfect location for a wedding. Your guests can sit and chat as they take in the wonderful views of downtown Campbell, in the afternoon sun.

You will find the dance floor and mahogany bar, strategically located and only a few steps apart to everyone’s happiness. Even better, the spacious outdoor balconies and decorative lighting add that special touch to encourage socializing.

Experienced and Friendly Staff

The experienced kitchen and catering staff at Villa Ragusa are responsive, accommodating. The skilled events team is always at your service, and you can fully rely on them to deliver to your expectations and that of the attendees. Everyone in attendance can dance the evening away while the highly reliable staff handles the small and important details.

A full-service on-site catering is at your disposal, but you are still free to use your own catering service. It’s not common to find an upscale event venue that allows outside catering, and that spices things a bit for some.