There are some questions you should be asking when shopping for a wedding venue. Enjoying the overall ambiance of a venue or the grounds isn’t enough to help you make a perfect wedding spot. This blog post focuses on the reception, not the place you have the actual ceremony.

Wedding Spot for your Reception

The wedding spot you pick to hold your reception needs to be a perfect fit for what you want to do. It’s your wedding and of course, you want everything to be perfect! Here are some things you should ask about when you’re interviewing venues for your reception.

Number of People

The first thing that can be a deal breaker is the number of people the venue can handle. If you’re planning for a 500 guest reception, a venue that is not used to adequately handling that number should be passed on.


What is included in your wedding package? Does it include wait staff to serve a sit down dinner or only a buffet? Are hand-served appetizers included? How many hours are included?


Is there a dance floor in the room you’ll be using?


If something comes up and you have to delay your wedding, are you able to cancel or reschedule without a penalty?


Is parking adequate for the number of guests you’re expecting?

Discounted Dates

Are there less expensive dates? Some venues offer lower rental fees for certain times of the week or year.

Wedding Venue

Villa Ragua prides itself in making hundreds of weddings possible in the beautiful Villa Ragusa building. Enjoy a wedding spot with open air balconies, dance floors and banquet rooms that can handle smaller, cozy receptions up to hundreds of guests. Give us a call to discuss your wedding reception needs.