Having an unforgettable wedding reception is the ultimate goal, right? Well, only in a good way, of course! Here are some unforgettable acts that will prove to be the best wedding reception activities for your wedding that everyone will love.

Wedding Reception Activities

Ready for something very different than a violin trio playing Vivaldi? Here are some great acts from around the San Francisco Bay Area that will come to your reception to entertain you and all your guests.

Hire a Vaudeville Act

Yes, it isn’t too late. There are still Vaudeville acts that will make your party the best ever. Here is one couple that will keep your guests laughing.

Daredevil Chicken 617-543-8633
As seen on ABC’s The Gong Show, A husband & wife duo performing comedy & vaudeville, magic, acrobatics, quick change, puppetry and banana juggling! Las Vegas flair meets pop-glam.

Belly Dancer

Belly dancing is always so fascinating, mesmerizing and a little sexy in a way that is still wholesome for your kids and great-grandparents.

Romanza Dance Entertainment (415) 794-7463
Romanza Belly Dance Event Entertainment specializes in instruction and performances of enchanting dance from the Middle East & Central Asia.

Mini Circus Acts

Circosphere 650-276-6398

From unforgettable gymnastic presentations to LED light robots to strolling stage acts working the crowd, there is so much to love with these acts you used to see in the circus. Circosphere has so many acts that you’ll need to browse them all on their website.

Dixieland Jazz Band

Vaud and the Villains

Don’t hire a DJ, hire the band. There is a band that is equal parts orchestra, jazz band, cabaret and Vaudeville. Every single wedding guest will jump to their feet and dance, sing and cheer – for hours.


Ask Our Events Coordinator

Our Events Coordinator at Villa Ragusa loves to help people plan their wedding reception activities. Check with her for some more great ideas for your reception.