You can settle for an intimate and personalized wedding atmosphere and make it the most memorable. But having a small wedding doesn’t mean that you have to keep it modest with the celebrations. If anything, it can open up a realm of wedding ideas, only applicable to an exclusive guest list.

We sample a few of the best small wedding ideas below.

Finding an Appropriate Venue for a Small Group

A group of around 12 people is all you need for an extra personal celebration. We recommend a location that is car accessible, unique and elegant to grace the special occasion. The location plays a big part in encouraging both sides of the family to interact and enjoy the company.

Having your loved ones with you makes it feel like a unique blend of wedding and vacation – precisely what you need for the big day.

Curated Gift Boxes

Curating gift boxes for everyone, customized to preferences and location is an excellent idea to thank your guests for accepting the invitation. You can include essential items such as a facemask and sanitizer in the gift box. You can never be too careful in this COVID-19 era. Of course, don’t forget a thank you note.

Upgrade the Menu

The wedding meal is the foundation of a happy and memorable wedding celebration. A small wedding guest list allows you some freedom with the meal budget. Upgrade it with unique wine pairings, extra appetizers, and creative food presentations. You can include a menu card on every plate for the VIP treatment.

The full-service on-site catering, with entrees and classic American appetizers, is available at Villa Ragusa. The serving staff and catering department are at your beck and call to make your intimate wedding a truly memorable event.

Incorporate a Creative Seating Arrangement

A small intimate wedding allows you the flexibility of seating layout. For example, a long banquet table to accommodate everyone will come in handy. With social distancing rules, you can go with two people at each small table and focus on the layout, such as a circular or u-shaped arrangement.

The event space at Villa Ragusa can accommodate any seating arrangement that you have in mind. You are free to pick the brain of our event’s organizer if you can’t come up with something worth an intimate wedding.