When you rent a party room at a social hall, it allows you to focus on just the gathering of friends and family and the fun of the event. Sometimes hiring a caterer to serve the food and having a large facility is the perfect choice. Planning your party is exhausting enough, so let the hall take care of the other details.

Party Room

When shopping for a party room for your event, be sure to pick a size room that matches the guest list. You don’t want a room that is too big and you don’t want a room that is too small. Both of those problems can make your guests uncomfortable or keep them from participating in the festivities. You’ll need just the right size room for the size of the group to ensure people will be comfortable and to encourage socializing.

If you plan to have music, you’ll want a room with a dance floor. This makes it very easy for people to jump up to dance and lots of room for both adults and children to have a great time. Not all social halls have a dance floor, so be sure to ask.

Villa Ragusa’s Party Rooms

Villa Ragusa has many rooms in their facility and all of them have an outdoor balcony for guests to have a quieter spot to chat with a friend while taking in the view. The rooms can easily be expanded or reduced in size to create the perfect sized room for your event, without having to use those big plastic pull curtains.

Give Villa Ragusa a call to discuss your party room needs. We’re happy to help you create an amazing event for your celebration.