When you want your reception to be absolutely perfect and just like the ideas you have for it, you are going to need outside catering. Villa Ragusa is rare by allowing the bride and groom to have any professional caterer they choose. There are some guidelines that need to be followed, however.

Outside Catering

Villa Ragusa offers both in-house catering and outside catering choices. We’d love to cater your wedding right on site, however we completely understand if you have your heart set on a particular caterer for your wedding reception. And we are happy to help you to do that.

In the interest of safety and a smooth catering operation, we do have some guidelines that must be followed. This will ensure your guests have the very best experience and your caterer is familiar with the facilities at Villa Ragusa ahead of time to plan for your event.

While we allow the food to be catered by any cater you choose, all beverages must be handled by Villa Ragusa. So, plan to have all soft drinks, beer, wine and liquor to be served by the Villa Ragusa staff.

When you choose a caterer for your wedding reception, you must use one that has a valid business license and a current health certificate. You should verify this information well ahead of time to avoid any very unpleasant, last minute surprises.

There are number of guest minimums to meet for outside catering. These are the minimum number of guests broken down by which room is rented:

East Gallery –150 guests
Campbell Gallery –100 guests
West Gallery –100 guests
East Gallery Combination –350 guests
West Gallery Combination –250 guests
Grand Gallery –450 guests

If you’re thinking of using outside catering, take a look at our guidelines now. We’re happy to help you plan a successful event and provide many helpful suggestions to make this easier. Call us to make an appointment to discuss your plans. We hope to see you soon.