Unlike other events, fundraisers can easily be underwhelming, mainly because it involves asking for money from well-wishers. So, what do you do to get the most out of them?

Make the Events Fun

There are many ways to make a fundraising event enjoyable while still maintaining its purpose: raising funds for a cause. For instance, you could have a themed dress code or host games with prizes to be won.

Adding an element of fun to the event would not only make it more memorable for the attendees but also encourage them to come back for future events. Furthermore, it has been proven that people are more likely to donate money when happy.

Engaging Activities or Speakers

Why should your not-for-profit have an engaging activity or speaker at your fundraising event? Because otherwise, people might, you know, get bored. And then they won’t want to give you money. And that would be terrible, right?

Seriously, a good activity or speaker can liven up a fundraising event and make it more enjoyable for everyone involved. Plus, it’s a great way to get folks talking and networking with each other.

And when people are having fun, they’re more likely to loosen their purse strings and show some support for your cause. So if you’re looking to raise some serious cash at your next fundraiser, make sure you’ve got something fun and engaging planned!


Not-for-profit organizations often find themselves in a bit of a bind when it comes to fundraising. On the one hand, they need to raise money to support their cause; on the other hand, they don’t want to alienate potential donors with too much begging. Often, the solution is to hold various fundraising events throughout the year.

This way, there’s something for everyone. For example, a gala dinner might appeal to more traditional donors, while a fun run or Walk-a-thon could attract younger supporters.