You don’t need a professional events planner to throw the best party for your graduate. You can do it by yourself or our staff is happy to offer suggestions. A few considerations include the party food, venue, decor, and invitations that will make it truly special.

A graduation party brings together family and friends to celebrate the successful completion of a college course. As a result, carefully plan the event for everyone to indulge in the festivities and live to tell the tale for a long time to come.

Plan Ahead and Budget

A good plan keeps everything within the budget. Write down all the desired features of the ideal party, and then strike items out depending on the budget. Expand the budget if necessary and create a timeline within which to accomplish the various tasks.

Creating a budget is not the most fun part, but the process allows you to prioritize and keep the needs in check. There are a few tricks that can help with the budget. For example, you can buddy up with other graduating colleagues or friends and chip in for the event.

Choose a Location

Location options are as numerous as your imagination. But what matters is the theme, size of the crowd, and the cost. Typically, you can host the graduation party at your own family home or share a friend’s space. Better options can include hiring an event space like Villa Ragusa if you intend a sizable crowd of jolly makers.

Pick the Menu

A graduation party without food, and not just any food, but finger-licking delicacies, is never fun. You can serve snacks, drinks and converse over a backyard barbecue, or you can let experienced chefs at Villa Ragusa perform their magic on the plate.

The last step is to send the invites, but it should never make you break the bank. The event would not be enjoyable if you’ll be left scraping through the coins in the house to get by. If necessary, spread the news through electronic invites.