You’re a giver and an old soul. You love life and nature, and you’ve been planning something special for needy kids. So how do you make some kids’ holiday dreams come true?

A Toy Drive Garage Sale! This event will declutter your home and bring some holiday cheer to families in need. A case of wearing two hats!

Get the Toys Stash

First things first, let’s gather those toys! Scour your home for gently used toys your kids have outgrown or never play with anymore. Don’t be afraid to get imaginative with your donations. That talking teddy bear that always freaks you out? Some kids out there would love to have it!

That toy kitchen set that’s missing a few pieces? No problem. A little creativity can go a long way. And if you don’t have any toys to donate, hit up some local thrift stores or garage sales. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, right?

Plan Everything Out

Now that you have your toy stash, it’s time to start planning your garage sale. Set a date and time that works for you and your potential customers. Make some festive signs to attract people to your event. You can even dress up as Santa and his helpers to get everyone in the holiday spirit.

Price Intelligently

Don’t forget to price your items reasonably. Remember, the goal is to raise money to purchase toys for children in need, not to make a profit. Be open to negotiations and consider having a “Name Your Price” section where customers can pay what they can afford.

Treats and Warmth

As people arrive and browse your toy selection, offer some holiday treats like hot cocoa and candy canes. You can even set up a wrapping station for customers to wrap their purchases so they’re ready to go under the tree.

Count up your profits and head to the toy store. It’s time to put that money to good use and purchase toys for kids who may not otherwise have anything to unwrap on Christmas morning.

At Villa Ragusa, we believe philanthropy not only benefits those in need, but it’s good for the soul of the giver. Embrace your inner good, and make your any holiday season one to remember!