We can all agree that food and drink parties are the most fun and social activity you can engage in. Food parties transcend cultural barriers and loosen tensions between individuals and groups.

Perhaps that is the reason dinner parties are a staple of political and international gatherings. Sometimes, a plate and glass of wine achieve more than emails and phone calls combined to build consensus.

Nothing is as sublime as conversations over a glass of sparkling wine.

Whether for a group of friends, or business partners, a big wine and cheese party can create the ideal environment for fun conversations. Nobody says no to a sip of glorious wine!

Get the Pairing Right

Perhaps your guests are not sommeliers, but that is no excuse for getting the wrong popper pairings. It is not the time to experiment.

As a rule of thumb, the wine and cheese should be from the same region to make the perfect combo. For example, Swiss with Gewurztraminer, Cream Cheese with White Zinfandel, or Brie with a Sweet Sherry are excellent combos.

Ideally, serve a variety of cheese and wine to accommodate various tastes. Make a few modifications to match the season. But if ever in doubt, you can always pick the brain of our event organizers.

There are also other unwritten rules, such as when the wine and cheese party should start. It should be before or after dinner.

Why Villa Ragusa?

Silicon Valley is just 2 hours away from the Nappa Valley wine region. So, it would be easy to get local wines to mix with international ones.

But apart from our proximity to the heart of the wine region, we have the tools of the trade. Red wines usually have bigger bouquets than white wines, so they tend to have larger bowl-style glasses. Some occasions may require attention to detail to create the perfect mood, which may also translate to spending on glasses. This may not be necessary.

Villa Ragusa has a good collection of international wines. In addition, our facility can match any style and sophistication you have in mind for the big wine and cheese party in Silicon Valley.