An appreciation event is an ingenious way for a company to invest in a long-term relationship with staff or clients. This event format has its advantages, and if your company has not held it in the recent past, then it’s long overdue. Your staff and clients are the central pillars of the organization, and it is essential to show your appreciation.

Strengthen your relationship with employees by holding an appreciation event at Villa Ragusa, a Silicon Valley events venue that best highlights how much you value them.


Every employee wants to feel empowered and engaged in their place of work. In fact, companies with engaged staff make over two-and-a-half times than those that do not. Such a company is also able to retain its top talent because employees feel part and parcel of the business.

Retaining your top talent, and especially during these trying times, is critical. It can help your business maintain the competitive edge and keep its head above water for longer.

You can hold a small intimate gathering of your top employees at Villa Ragusa to show your appreciation. The upscale venue canĀ  accommodate a 650-person celebration.


Award ceremonies and events can be quite useful in validating employees. In particular, the employees that exemplify values and culture should be rewarded. Acknowledgement shows them they are valued and vital, and the gesture encourages productivity.

Every one of us desires to be acknowledged for the good work, and the best way to do it is through a company celebration.

Did your company manage to pull through a difficult period? Celebrate it and fuel a sense of ownership and desire to succeed.

Our Downtown Campbell location in a classic European style will make your employees feel well-appreciated. Villa Ragusa boasts a touch of modernity, and our qualified events team will help create an unforgettable experience.