Retirement is a once-in-a-lifetime event, a milestone and worth a party of its own. It is a cross between a longing for the work-life and the sweet nostalgia the retirees are moving from. It, therefore, makes sense to mix things up between testimonies of commitment to a career and fun.

The focus should be on the retiree; they should have much fun and feel appreciated. It should be an event to cherish for ages.

Here are pointers to creating the most memorable retirement party.

Research is King

You’ll want to research everything about the retiree so that the party is about them. Who are their best friends, food items, accomplishments, people they’ve helped along the way, and the theme? For the theme, ask about their favorite activity and use it.

There are people the retiree wouldn’t want to miss the event, and others they don’t fancy attending. Honor their wishes.

Work out the seating arrangement so that only agreeable people sit close to each other. You wouldn’t want feuding parties sitting together, and affecting the event’s mood.

Food and Drinks

Good quality food, events, and memories go hand in hand. Choose the food and drinks the celebrant loves and other classic entrees like what we offer. Consider food restrictions, intolerances, allergies, and preferred diet.

Pick the Right Venue

You want a venue that shows respect for the celebrant – something classy like Villa Ragusa, with the attraction of European architecture, mahogany bars, and sufficient space for various activities.

The venue rentals’ inclusions are a vital part of a successful event. For example, our serving staff and catering department are up to the task, and our experienced events manager is at your disposal. You’re free to use an outside caterer if you choose. Contact us today to book your space and discuss caterer requirements.