The champagne toast has become an important cog in the wheel of a wedding reception. The toast gives the people closest to the newlyweds to say something and show their appreciation. In most cases, the best man is the first to toast, followed by the maid of honor, but this is not cast in stone.

The bride or the bridegroom can ask anyone to toast the champ, dip in nostalgia over old memories and bring a tear to heartfelt sentiments.

Several people wish to raise a toast for the bride and groom, and in the absence of a solid plan, everything can go up in the air. Therefore, each toast should not last more than a couple of minutes.

The Basics of Raising a Toast

You’d wish you had a written speech when you rise to give a toast, and all eyes are on you with anticipation. To avoid the little embarrassing mishaps and uncomfortable chuckles, have a notecard where you write and refer to the important points.

Make sure that everyone has their glass before you start with the pleasantries. If the champagne is in bottles, let the attendees know that they can now fill their glasses before you start with the walk down the memory lane.

Test the microphone and make sure it is working alright and review your notes before you begin. Throw an acknowledging glance at the couple to refresh your memories, and then start with the pleasantries. Go slow on the exaggerations and humor. It could turn embarrassing.

The rest of the toast should be delivered by glancing at the couple, your notes, and the crowd. After your speech delivery, ask everyone to raise their glasses to the couple as you raise yours. Tap it with the glasses of those close by. Hug the bride and the bridegroom if you are close to them, and then pass the mic to the next in line to toast as well.

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