Meeting Space for Your Next Corporate Event

Meeting Space for Your Next Corporate Event

One area you do not want to scrimp is selecting a meeting space. Making certain your event will have everything your attendees need for a comfortable experience will make your event a success.

Meeting Space

Your event needs to have an adequate seating area with a public address system, restrooms and an area where people can mingle. Likely, you’ll need a buffet for breakfast, lunch or dinner and plenty of space to eat along with an adequate vendor area. There is one event venue that has the meeting spaces that will give you everything you need to put on a successful event for several hundred attendees.

Villa Ragusa is a beautiful building with numerous rich architectural features and meeting spaces for small groups and over 600 attendees. On-site and off-site catering is available to meet your event’s needs.

When your event needs to have a pleasant atmosphere with a beautiful setting, Villa Ragusa is the one the fits the bill. This is the building you want when having a fundraiser or a corporate meeting for executives.

The balconies that surround the building are available to guests during your meeting for chatting in groups, having cocktails and relaxing while taking in the view of the city. Balconies are a part of all the rental spaces on the 2nd floor at Villa Ragusa.

Out of office meetings can be very inspiring, allowing the ideas to flow. Getting away from the normal confines of the corporate offices and normal meeting places allows attendees to relax and enjoy themselves. The more people they meet, the more creative and productive they become.

Villa Ragusa

Let Villa Ragusa help you host your next corporate event or meet up. Browse our facility page for more information on exactly what we offer and what we can do to help you provide a successful event.

Ask Event Space Facilities These Important Questions Before Renting

Ask Event Space Facilities These Important Questions Before Renting

It is easy to make a lot of assumptions about what is included with the event space for your conference, corporation event or private party. However, you cannot assume anything as every event space includes different things. Here is a list of the most often questions that were forgotten to be asked of the venue.

Event Space

Keep this list of questions in front of you when shopping for an event space for your corporate event. They could save you from a very expensive misunderstanding during your event.

Set-Up Time

How many hours are allowed by the facility for set-up and break-down for your event?


Is your favorite caterer allowed to cater your event? Most venues will allow only their own in-house catering.


What furniture is provided by the facility?


Is waitstaff included with the rental?


What insurance is required for my event?


Can we bring our own liquor to the event?


Is parking available onsite? Is there a charge to guests?

Unexpected Charges

Are there any other charges such as gratuities, cleaning fees, overtime charges, service fees of any kind?

Security Personnel

Are there security guards on the property during our event?

Bad Weather

What is the policy for cancellation due to bad weather, earthquakes, or other disasters out of our control?


Are there other less expensive dates available? Many times, venues offer heavily discounted rates for slower times of the week or year.


Is a deposit needed to book the dates or full payment?

Audio/Visual Equipment

Is A/V equipment available? Is a tech onsite in case they are needed?

Villa Ragusa

Villa Ragusa is a very popular venue with various size event spaces to meet corporate and private events up to 650 guests. Contact us to discuss your event.

The Ideal Venue for Weddings, Corporate Events and Private Parties

The Ideal Venue for Weddings, Corporate Events and Private Parties

Shopping for just the right venue for your wedding, corporate event or a social event can be stressful when you don’t know the right questions to ask. The goal is to have the right venue that can handle all of the needs of your event.


You must start with first things first when venue shopping. Write down a list of what you need from this space for your event.

  • How many guests to accommodate
  • Dance floor
  • In-house catering or your own caterer
  • Public address system
  • Stage for musicians
  • Permitted decorations
  • Parking lot size
  • Is smoking permitted on the grounds
  • Availability for your ideal time period
  • Discounts for off-peak seasons or days

Room Size

The room you rent needs to properly accommodate your guest or attendee list. If the room is far too large, it could spell disaster for an event. Too small and people will be very uncomfortable. So, before you start calling, have a very good idea on the guest number. But do ask if adjustments can be made closer to the event date.


Most venues have in-house catering and do not allow any outside caterers to cook and serve food for your event. This is very important if your event is for vegetarians, religious people with special dietary needs or you need to use a specific caterer. Villa Ragusa is one of the very few venues that will allow the licensed caterer of your choice for your event.

Event Equipment

It is very easy to forget that your event needs a PA system, dance floor or space for a musician. These items are available with some venues, but not all. Be sure to ask.

Villa Ragusa

Villa Ragusa is a gorgeous building where every event space has an outdoor balcony included. More information is available on our page for facility information.

Selecting a Venue for an Event Can Be Easy

Selecting a Venue for an Event Can Be Easy

When selecting a venue for an event, it might seem rather overwhelming, especially if it is a large conference or meeting. But, it doesn’t have to be so stressful. Follow these tips to make getting your event set the easier way.

Selecting a Venue for an Event

The #1 rule when selecting a venue for an event is to plan early. Event venues are booked well in advance for the prime dates and days of the week. If you want your event to take place on the weekend, consider venue shopping a year in advance. Most events book the weekends, especially when those events are wedding.

If you can have your event take place during the week then there are a lot more options. First, you will have fewer problems booking a space for your event, your space will cost a lot less for those non-prime weekdays and it’ll be easier to book the caterer. So, if at all possible, think weekday, not weekend.

Catering can be an issue with many event venues. Most venues will force you to use their catering. If you want to use another caterer, whether they are your favorite or there are special dietary concerns like kosher or halal, that venue isn’t going to work for you. So, make sure you can use your own caterer if need be, even before you see the venue.

Your attendees want convenience and a successful event caters to that convenience. If your participants are from out of town, you’ll want the event to be near the hotels. If they are local, you want the event to be nearer to their homes and places of business.

Villa Ragusa

Villa Ragusa is an event venue that you should visit when you are selecting a venue for an event. We offer outside catering and can accommodate events up to 650 attendees.