Traditionally, it was the responsibility of the bride’s parents to host the rehearsal dinner. Still, surprisingly, couples are gradually taking over these pre-nuptial parties and customizing them to fit their needs and budgets.

That means it may be up to you to make it a completely casual affair or an intimate one. But whatever direction you choose, keep the following in mind.

Responsibility for the Dinner

As mentioned earlier, hosting the pre-nuptial dinner can be done by the couples themselves or either side of the family. Sometimes, it can even be by a family friend or a friend of the couple. But if the couples and their families are super traditional, the groom’s side of the family will foot the bill.

Keep it Simple

The night before your big day is not usually the time to go on a celebratory spree. Keep it simple and leave the best for the wedding day. You don’t want to tire everyone or treat everyone to a celebration that overshadows the main event.


The rehearsal dinner is an entirely different affair from the wedding. This also applies to the invitations, as they don’t have to be too formal. Use phone calls or word of mouth, but make sure to send out invitations between four and six months before the event.

Decide on a guest list before sending out the invitations. Do you want family members alone or with a few friends in attendance as well?

Other people to include in the wedding rehearsal list include the ushers, officiants, and some out-of-town guests. What size of the crowd is sufficient? Keep this at the back of your mind when drawing up the list. If you are not careful, the bridal party and some families can add up to quite a sizable crowd.

But all in all, Villa Ragusa has the amenities and services to accommodate a wedding rehearsal dinner crowd of up to 600 people. Talk to us today!