Probably the most popular wedding reception activities loved by guests is anything to do with photo booths or videos made by guests. While the photo booth is still wildly popular and a lot of fun, there are other fun games to play, too.

Wedding Reception Activities

When you’re ready to do something a little different, here are some ideas that will surprise your guests and keep them smiling through the reception.

Advice Cards

Have plenty of premade advice cards and pens printed for your wedding. Let each guest give you their best advice on how to have a happy marriage. Of course, you’ll want to keep every card in an album and bring it out on anniversaries or if you ever have an argument. But of course, an argument could never happen in your happy marriage.


And oldie, but goodie! Piñatas are a wonderful time, so wonderful that you’ll need an adult piñata and a candy filled one for the kids.

Surprise Performance

Hire a professional performer that is known locally or even a big star. Many actors and comedians will perform at private parties. Having someone everyone knows from TV or the local opera house will be very exciting for guests.

Flash Mob

Schedule a flash mob to suddenly start dancing to a fiddle player. They can be mixed in the crowd, then the fiddle starts and they slowly start coming alive to join together for a show.


Have trivia game cards at all the tables to help people get to know each other. There’s no need to have actual board games, the cards in a cup are all that’s needed. Include a little sign telling people to pick a card to read aloud.

Villa Ragusa

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