Wedding facilities are not all the same. Sure they vary on their setting and how much they can do out of doors, but there are a lot more differences than that. Wedding halls vary greatly in the type of services that they offer and how they divide the rooms to accommodate guests. Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re looking for the perfect place for your wedding.

Wedding Facilities

The list of perfect wedding facilities probably has different locations for wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions. Most couples start out assuming that both will take place in the same place, but that is not the ideal situation. Gone are the days when couples get married in the church and then have the reception downstairs in the church basement. While it still happens, most couples like to have the perfect ceremony spot and then the perfect wedding hall for the reception.

Your ceremony can be at your favorite church, in a park, in someone’s gorgeous backyard or a public garden. There are so many possibilities, because you don’t need much for the ceremony. You can get away with standing room only or put out hundreds of dressed chairs in isles and rows. A ceremony is usually short for most couples and it can be a fit for just about anywhere. The reception is quite another matter.

A reception needs to be large enough to seat everyone on your guest list and leave enough room for socializing, dancing and eating, but not so big that it looks like most people didn’t show up to the happy occasion. The wedding facilities should allow an outside caterer if you have special dietary concerns for the menu and that can be difficult to find. A dance floor needs to be available if you are going to have dancing. There are many things to consider to ensure your reception is full of happy memories. See the Villa Ragusa facilities page to explore our wedding hall.