When planning your wedding there is a lot to know, especially when it comes to the wedding event hall. It is so easy to go over budget, so you need to plan ahead to make sure in the end you’ll be right on budget. Here are some things to plan for.

Wedding Event Halls

The first thing you need to know is that wedding event halls have two sets of prices. Their highest pricing is on weekends, holidays and other popular wedding days. If you want that fabulous place for your wedding, pick one of the less popular days of the month. You will save a considerable amount of money.

Another thing to watch out for are overtime fees. Make sure you are out on time. If the wedding reception is rocking it’s tough to quit. But if you don’t quit you might be paying the DJ overtime, the caterer, bartender and for the room. So, allow ample time for the party and budget for it.

If the hall requires you to do the cleanup, consider budgeting for the wedding hall to do it for you. None of your friends wants to clean up and unless they run a housekeeping company, they won’t do a very good job. So, either pay the hall to clean up or hire a cleaning crew to come in and do it for you.

Remember that all the people you hire will need to be tipped. Put money in the budget for tipping the minister, DJ, catering company, servers, delivery drivers, and valet parking attendants.

It is very easy to get carried away with wedding favors, but all those cute ideas cost big bucks when it is hundreds of guests. Set a budget for the favors and stick to it. Keep it simple.

At Villa Ragussa, we’re a wedding event hall that is happy to help you keep to your budget for your reception. Our staff loves to give advice for weddings. Have a discussion with us about costs and coming in on or under budget.