Sure, you know you’ll need to pick the right size of a room for your event space and need to pick a menu for the caterer, but these days you’ll likely be asked for things you’ve never considered before.

Event Space

The event space you choose for your event might have what seems to be unusual requests of you. Here is a heads up on things you might need in order to rent that space for your event.

Liability Insurance

Most people would assume that the liability insurance comes with the event space. That is not always the case. Many venues will require your company to provide a rider on your business insurance to cover them in the case of a mishap.

Flexible Dates

The venue might ask you if you’re flexible on the date of your event. If you are planning early enough, you might be. This can save you a lot of money, if you choose a date that the venue would prefer that you use. If your ideal dates fall on a weekend or on a holiday, these could be prime days for the venue. If you can put on your event any time, then choose a discounted day to save a little money. It is the same room in the same wonderful venue, why not save money?


Are there any guests attending your event with special needs? You need to know if any guests will be needing an elevator, wheel chair access or other accommodation for the event space.


Some venues have adequate parking for events and others use overflow parking lots nearby when they have big events. You might be asked how many parking spaces you’ll need.


Keep in mind that renting an event space involves signing a contract. You’ll need to carefully consider everything in that contract. Never assume it is just standard and that you know what is probably in it.