Everyone wants to throw the party that the guests will remember for a lifetime! One of the best ways to be that party host is to make sure there are plenty of fun things to do and great entertainment at your event.

Make Your Party Memorable

Of course, the best way to have a party that no one would forget is to have a very famous celebrity show up and party all night long with your guests. Most people aren’t able to provide such a person, so here’s are some ideas that don’t require having Brad Pitt as your best buddy.

Fortune Teller

Fortune tellers have been popular for ages. A person’s curiosity for what may come is endless, so everyone wants their fortune told. Maybe it’s for real! Maybe it is just for fun. But we all want to believe all the good things they hear will come to pass.

A Game of Charades

The funny thing about Charades is that is just as fun to watch people play it as it is to play it yourself! So, even if only 20 people want to play it is still fun for everyone!

Live Music

Most people expect your party to have music. You can hire a local tribute band or just a talented DJ. Villa Ragusa can provide a dance floor if you’re planning on dancing.

Famous Character Entertainers

It goes without saying that your son’s birthday party would be a huge hit if Spiderman showed up! And everyone would squeal with delight if Captain Jack Sparrow stumbled in after a little too much rum.

Villa Ragusa Social Hall

Whether you need to hold a banquet, a private engagement party or a big family reunion, Villa Ragusa’s staff is here to help you make a memorable great time. Ask for a consultation.