Weddings are some of those important events that tend to linger in everyone’s mind for a lifetime, and admittedly so. This is because they are the most talked about, and it is imperative that everything comes out perfect. If you plan on a traditional wedding dance, it is vital to dance the right way and in order.

Nonetheless, you should not limit yourself. Customize the dance according to the tastes and needs of the wedding couple. After all, it is their big day. The desire is to make it unique and memorable, not uncomfortable.

The Order of the Traditional Wedding Dance

The first honor for the dance goes to the groom and bride. The couple must practice the dance several times before the big day. Remember that everyone will be watching, and any missteps might take a long time to forget.

The bride’s father is the next to take the floor with the bride, and the mother of the bride with the groom. Next, the bride’s father dances with the mother, and the groom extends his hand to his mother to dance. The groom’s parents are next in line to dance with each other.

Thereafter, the best man and each groomsman may dance with the bride, and the groom with the bridesmaids. Depending on the length of the wedding reception, this dance can be for partial or full songs. Lastly, wedding guests are allowed to join in.

Of course, the traditional wedding dance’s primary goal is to have fun, and if necessary, everything is editable to achieve it. Some variables, such as a deceased or disabled parent, may affect the traditional wedding dance order, but be sure nobody is excluded because of a disability. Keep in mind that the wedding dance order is not cast in stone.

At Villa Ragusa, there is plenty of room for traditional wedding dances, and our staff is at your disposal to help make the reception successful.