Every culture has their own traditions and dances. If you’re having a traditional North American wedding, then these are the standard wedding dances you will be enjoying.

Wedding Dances

There is a proper order for these wedding dances, but these days people tend to enjoy mixing things up and doing something different from time to time. So, feel free to do them in a way that fits your wedding plans.

Newlywed Couple’s First Dance

The 1st dance will be for the bride and groom to dance their 1st dance as a married couple. This is the dance that has everyone’s attention as they watch the happy couple hold each other while swaying and listening to everyone’s cheers.

Parents Dance

Immediately after the couple has had their first dance, it’s time for the parents to join them. The bride will typically dance with her father and the groom typically dances with his mother. If the parent is not present, then a substitute from the family will replace the parent.

Wedding Party Dance

Next onto the dance floor is the wedding party. The groom will dance with the maid-of-honor and the bride with the best man. All the bridesmaids dance with groomsmen, the ring bearer with the flower girl, and the ushers with each other or their dates.

Wedding Guests Dance

Once the above dances are completed, the guests of the wedding are invited to join the dance floor.

Money Dance

Late into the reception the Money Dance begins. The bride dances with guests and they pin dollar bills to her dress then they dance. It’s a lovely way to add a little cash to help the newlyweds start their life together.


When you book your wedding reception at Villa Ragusa, we have plenty of room for you to have all of the dances you’d like to have at your wedding. We’ll even provide a dance floor.