The increased usage of social media at events for awareness and promotion is one of the most significant changes in the events business. Event planners frequently hear about the importance of social media during events, but the reasons are rarely understood.

At events, using social media isn’t always an option. The vital consideration is to provide a platform for attendees to network and connect. Event professionals agree that proper event engagement is critical in determining its success. Bored attendees are a no-no! Many private and corporate event organizers should strive for collaboration and involvement, which is easier to achieve with social media.

Ideas for an Optimized Event Management

There are fantastic ways to use social media to increase involvement. Conferences and speaker lectures, for example, can take advantage of and harness social media to create meaningful interactions with attendees. At most of these events, Twitter walls are the most popular option. Take it a step further and give the audience instructions by asking them questions and encouraging them to tweet their responses using the event’s hashtag. This exercise creates a dynamic experience for participants, fosters collaboration, and sparks discussion about the event—a win-win for both the event hosts and the attendees.

Having your suggested venue available and easily accessible on social media allows you to engage with clients and prospects in a meaningful and cost-effective way. Start using these suggestions and putting the necessary tools in place right now to help you increase sales and bookings over the festive season and the winter slowdown. At Villa Ragusa, we’ll make sure that your new event bookings and catering orders go off without a hitch. Our highly skilled event management staff understands what you require for the best experience possible. Consider how our spacious and 650-person capacity halls may give the best of thrilling atmospheres for a successful event.