You’ve pick out the perfect wedding spot for your reception and have everything in place for your big day. But wait! There are some important things you’ve probably forgotten to have on hand for your reception.

Wedding Spot

Your grand wedding spot’s facility that you discovered for your reception probably has everything, right? No, probably not. You will need to bring everything you need. Here are some of the most overlooked items that nobody thinks to bring.

Cake Box

When the baker delivers and sets up the cake, they typically take all their protective packaging with them. It is a tradition in many families to keep the very top of the cake for your first anniversary celebration. Some bakers think to leave a small box for you for that purpose, but many do not. Make sure the request is put in with your cake order. Your event facility isn’t likely to have something like that.

Twilight Time

Some of the most gorgeous photographs are taken during twilight time as the sun is just starting to set. Have your photographer notify you with plenty of time for those beautiful shots.


There are many people to tip after the wedding ceremony and reception. Give envelopes to a designated tip person that have the gratuity already in the envelope and addressed to the receiver.

Gift Table

Assign a person to keep an eye on the gift table and to accept envelopes and cards on your behalf. Have this person deliver the gifts and cards to your home.

Great Planning

Great planning will result in a smooth reception and no worries for the bride and groom. Make your special day a day where you haven’t a care in the world, just the joyous celebration of your new life together.