Planning your family reunion is a huge undertaking for most families. Here are some tips that will make the planning process a little bit smoother.

Event Space for Family Reunions

An event space can make your family reunion a lot more enjoyable. You’ll have a place in a busier, central location that is easy for everyone to find. Parking will be available and a staff that can help with a dance floor, serving food and many other options.

Start Early

Start planning your event early if you want to get it ready on time. It might seem like you’ll just book a venue and you’re good to go, but it is never that simple. There are plenty of people to keep track of, organizing of events, meals, lodging and keepsakes! If you have a couple hundred people or more invited to the event then start earlier than 6 months from the date.

Have a Buffet

An easy way to help keep the family reunion affordable for everyone is to have a buffet meal(s). This is a good way to put out a wonderful meal and share the cost. Include with the invitation a request for donations for those who need helping paying for the day and invite those who need help to ask privately for assistance.

Games and Activities

Just because you’re all related doesn’t mean everyone knows everyone. It helps to have a shared activity to take the focus off of meeting people. While participating in games and other activities, getting to know each other happens naturally.

Let People Choose

Everyone has a different level of comfort with activities at a party. Allow members of the family to plan in which activities they’d like to take part. If they want to just sit and chat, then allow them that pleasure. It’s all about everyone having their own kind of fun.

Villa Ragusa

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