Workshops are very potent in getting people on the same page and sharing new ideas and information. The trick to a successful seminar is facilitation which nurtures the collaborative and engaging spirit among the participants.

Usually, good workshop facilitation has the following components.

Beginning with an End in Mind

Having an end in mind for what you want to achieve is vital.

What questions do you want to answer? To stay on course, write the questions on a board in front of everyone, and tackle each at a time. A successful workshop achieves all its objectives.

Consider the Group Size

You’ll want to limit the number of participants for the agility of the workshop, timekeeping, and control of the plan. This is because the larger it is, the more difficult it will be to reach a consensus.

Create a Warm and Welcoming Environment

Offsite meetings are often successful because they inspire engagement. A change in the environment is inspiring and can bring profound results. Set the tone of the workshop by choosing a great location with excellent amenities, support, and sufficient space, such as Villa Ragusa.

There are other tricks and tips facilitators can use to enhance the mood, such as smiling and cracking jokes. The idea is to build an engaging environment because that’s what an offsite meeting seeks to achieve.

Keep the Group Focused

Calling people by their names helps regain their focus, especially when distracted. Participants will not fancy appearing as non-attentive. Randomly calling people by their names keeps them focused.

Engage Everyone

Some people often take the backseat in discussions and agree with everything to move on to something else. When the focus is on one or two participants, it will breed disinterest and discourage participation.

Actively involve everyone by inviting them to share their thoughts. Randomly ask questions to individual participants and get their views on topics and ideas.

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