Contemporary workplaces have become gloomier, and days of employees whistling and skipping into the office are behind us. Well, not yet, but almost!

A recent Gallup poll of American workers shows that up to 70% are actively disengaged at their workplace. So what do you do to improve the morale of your salespeople or employees?

Let the Employees Narrow their Focus

Multitasking is now standard with technology. Employees are doing research online and checking their email while on a call. However, multitasking is detrimental to work efficiency and productivity.

Encourage the employees to focus on one thing at a time. Also, avoid distractions every day, such as emails and coaching. Set aside one day every week for one-on-one meetings. An event space, such as Villa Ragusa, can accommodate a large group of employees or salespeople.

Provide Clear Feedback

Constant feedback is a recipe for happy and engaged salespeople. It is always essential to critique the performance of your staff regularly and offer advice. Use the sales performance metrics to provide a sales critic. Your opinions should be realistic and fair.

Reward hard work and improvements through parties and gifts. Yearly parties at event places such as Villa Ragusa will make your employees feel valued.

Encourage Creative Thinking

Lack of creative and strategic thinking makes the job uninteresting. The team misses out on fantastic ideas that could translate to improved sales and better competitiveness.

As a manager, you should create an environment where new ideas and creativity can thrive. Allow the sales reps to try new tactics to push sales. Let everyone pitch their ideas, and if they do not work, they will be a great learning platform. The team will adapt quickly and grow in confidence because they feel important to the organization.