Hybrid events are still a new venture for many event planners. It presents the unusual task of simultaneously engaging two very different audiences. While this kind of event may be the best way to give attendees both in-person and virtual options, they also introduce a new set of challenges for event planners, the most significant of which is meeting the dramatically different demands of two or more audiences.

Notable Mistakes You Must Avoid

Here are some mistakes you must avoid as an event planner venturing into hybrid events:

  • Wrong Hybrid Platform: Any hybrid platform you select must have sufficient capacity to support such events. The virtual and in-person attendees should communicate effectively without any hitch. You can achieve this via a mobile app for live guests and a desktop alternative for the distant audience. Ensure that you obtain relevant feedback from the event.
  • Improper Rehearsals and Testing: The virtual portions of a hybrid event require just as much testing and rehearsing as the in-person aspects. All the technologies, including Zoom, polling, and gamification, must be thoroughly evaluated beforehand. Light, sound, video, and other elements all play a role.
  • Inexperienced Planning Team: A hybrid event is very different from a traditional event, and it is full of traps for planners unfamiliar with the format. Team members will require training to get the skills necessary for the job role.
  • Disregard for Time Zones: Consider pre-recording sessions when arranging huge events with numerous sessions and audiences from different time zones.

During a keynote talk or general session, bring live and remote audiences together. Consider playing the pre-recorded session for different time zones for repeat sessions.


The venue’s infrastructure should handle several video streams and spectators’ web connections. It’s critical to ensure that the event center has the necessary bandwidth and technical support. Our event management team and facilities at Villa Ragusa are available to today’s best companies, agencies, and organizers to assist them in creating a seamless, memorable, and shared event experience for audiences that meet their specific needs. You can expect nothing but the best service.