One area you do not want to scrimp is selecting a meeting space. Making certain your event will have everything your attendees need for a comfortable experience will make your event a success.

Meeting Space

Your event needs to have an adequate seating area with a public address system, restrooms and an area where people can mingle. Likely, you’ll need a buffet for breakfast, lunch or dinner and plenty of space to eat along with an adequate vendor area. There is one event venue that has the meeting spaces that will give you everything you need to put on a successful event for several hundred attendees.

Villa Ragusa is a beautiful building with numerous rich architectural features and meeting spaces for small groups and over 600 attendees. On-site and off-site catering is available to meet your event’s needs.

When your event needs to have a pleasant atmosphere with a beautiful setting, Villa Ragusa is the one the fits the bill. This is the building you want when having a fundraiser or a corporate meeting for executives.

The balconies that surround the building are available to guests during your meeting for chatting in groups, having cocktails and relaxing while taking in the view of the city. Balconies are a part of all the rental spaces on the 2nd floor at Villa Ragusa.

Out of office meetings can be very inspiring, allowing the ideas to flow. Getting away from the normal confines of the corporate offices and normal meeting places allows attendees to relax and enjoy themselves. The more people they meet, the more creative and productive they become.

Villa Ragusa

Let Villa Ragusa help you host your next corporate event or meet up. Browse our facility page for more information on exactly what we offer and what we can do to help you provide a successful event.