Most attendees see a luncheon for a fundraising event as an exchange. The host gives a nice dinner or evening entertainment and they give a donation. It has become rather routine, so it is time to step up your game and give them an amazing time. Then you’ll receiving amazing donations.


Renting a beautiful hall is the first most important step. It needs to be not only beautiful, but luxurious. A banquet room in Villa Ragusa fits that bill. With lightly draped balconies accessible from every room and to be able to sit with friends over a view of the city, it is this extra touch that makes guests’ experience all that much more enjoyable.

There are marble accents and mahogany wood features all throughout the Villa Ragusa building. It is a little bit of a glimpse of the architecture of a time gone by. It is perfect for getting guests in a relaxed mood for an enjoyable time.

Next, the food. Your caterer needs to be one of the best in the Bay Area. So-so food is going to generate so-so donations. You need to go above and beyond any other fundraiser. Have several courses, all more incredible than the last. And of course, have desserts they’ll talk about for months. Beautiful and delicious foods served at the table is a must, if you’re looking for large donations.

The third step to making this the best fundraising luncheon of the year is the entertainment and the guests. Get a couple of big name celebrities to attend your worthy cause. This will ensure your guests will always want to come to your events. Also, have a keynote speaker that is a professional speaker. He or she will need to warm up the crowd, make them laugh, make them think and get them in the mood for the big pitch. After that speaker, have your cause’s main speaker give the big pitch.

Villa Ragusa

When planning a luncheon, give us a call at Villa Ragusa. We have one of the most beautiful luncheon halls in the Bay Area.