One of the sweet memorable moments not to be forgotten in a hurry is your wedding day, where you and your significant other come together to exchange vows in love and deep affection, to live together happily ever after. These days, marriages do not last forever. Going through years of ups and downs while in love should be regarded as an achievement and celebrated.

Celebrating such milestones is healthy and giving each other this treat should come at no expense spared. It will be an opportunity to reflect on your relationship over the years and how you both faithfully overcame obstacles on the way. Make it big!

A Dinner for Friends and Family

Allow for a blissful experience by inviting family and friends to join you in celebrating your wedding anniversary. Make it a pleasant surprise for them by sending them invitations to share part of your joy by telling them your love stories so far, and crown it with a toast. For your expectations, Villa Ragusa has you covered, with a perfect banquet hall that suits your needs. With a capacity of up to 650 people, the space, lighting, and romantic ambiance shall provide a memorable event that you and all invited by you would hope to experience again.

A Private Opportunity to Renew Your Vows

Perhaps you would want a more private arrangement to have a more personal touch included for your romantic milestone. Of course, you would desire exquisite dishes in an exotic environment, crowned by reassuring each other of your love in an assuring and romantic moment. Your customized desire becomes a reality at Villa Ragusa. Our professional staff can create a menu and your desired drinks to your taste. We are that flexible because our goal is to ensure you would love to experience our professional touch again and again.