When you’ll be attending a business luncheon, it is always a good idea to brush up on the etiquette for such a meeting. You will probably find a thing or two you’re doing that you shouldn’t. At any rate, if you are usually stressed about such events, this should give you a new sense of confidence.


Luncheons have their own rules of order, just like any business meeting. Here are some tips to help you leave behind a professional memory in your business associates’ minds.

When to Sit

When the host sits, you sit.

The Napkin

Again, keep your eye on your host. When all are seated and your host puts the napkin in the lap, you shall follow the lead.

Your Phone

This is the point at which you shut your phone off – not vibrate – shut it completely off.


Your conversation with the wait staff should be short and to the point. Order quickly, so that they can move on. Do avoid ordering the most expensive item or the messy items like crab legs.


Pass altogether on adult beverages or limit yourself to one.


The rule is to eat from the outside in. The outside fork is the salad fork, which is removed with the salad plate when you’re finished eating it. The next fork in line is the dinner fork.

Water Glass

Your beverage glasses are on the right side of your plate.


Your bread plate is the one on the left side of your plate.


Never dip your food into the community sauce or salsa bowl. Put some on your plate. Then dip.


Put your fork prongs down onto your plate at a 4 o’clock position. This signals the waiter to remove it.


Luncheons can be stressful, but after you’ve attended many, the etiquette gets easier to remember and the stress goes away.