There are a lot of options in the Bay Area for social halls for your private events and business conferences. Here are some things to look for to make sure your event is a great success, makes your company look good and will be an event that people will talk about for years.

Social Hall

Especially when your event is a business conference, the social hall can set the tone and the corporate image. When the location is a little run down or very blank with movable walls, it reflects on the host’s corporate image. It is important to have a solid, well designed building that speaks to your company’s lasting ability and trustworthiness.


Most conferences offer a buffet with a several hour timespan. It shouldn’t be so long that it overlaps with speakers or meetings, but long enough that people don’t crowd the buffet all at once. Served dinners are another option for dining for more formal events. Most social halls offer both styles of meals.

Outside Catering

Does this venue allowing outside catering? Sometimes an event will have special dietary requirements that the venue doesn’t accommodate. You don’t always have to pass on the location if they allow you to bring in a caterer.


Will decorations be allowed?

Public Address System

Is a PA system in place for your conference or will you have to provide your own?

Additional Rooms

Are additional rooms available so that you can have simultaneous meetings?


Is parking available that will be enough for your expected number of attendees?


There are many things to consider when putting on a conference, but the first thing to consider should be how the location makes your company look. It is all about first impressions and well, the food. Everyone has a great time when there is great food. As a social hall, Villa Ragusa facility makes for an impressive event and the food is fantastic!