The advent of the COVID pandemic has indeed changed the narrative of corporate interfacing and interactions. Hybrid events are gaining widespread attention as event professionals incorporate the experience in their overall event strategy. The concept is simply a mix of live and virtual events. You take your live event (complete with content and a live audience) and add a virtual component to it to enable the audience from any part of the world to participate in real-time. The hybrid event ideology is not new. However, it is relatively fresh in popularity and has gained traction in the last 18 months due to restrictions, particularly to regional and international travel.

What Do Hybrid Events Look Like?

Hybrid events, regardless its format and appearance have one thing in common: They ensure that both live and virtual audiences enjoy the same experience at the same time. It is regardless of the hosted location. It means that both audiences are treated equally and get the most from the event. Implementing such a setup becomes invaluable when it may be practically impossible to gather all guests under one roof; therefore, connecting the event to local hubs (via technology) might be the only logical solution. Here, all can still interact with each other, and of course, conduct business. Hybrid events ensure that all participants engage with the event productively, grow their network and make new professional contacts.

The Benefits of Hybrid Events

The flexibility of hybrid events is hard to beat. It allows your organization to increase your reach and gain more participants. It can boost your attendants for future events as it enables would-be attendees to have an idea of what it is like to attend in person. More engagement opportunities with participants are possible, as they are participating via mobile devices or desktop computers. They can talk, share, like comments, engage in Q & A sessions, and so on. It encourages the interest of corporate sponsors due to the increased reach of the audience. There is a reduced cost as there is no need to travel to the live event.

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