Saving money is what most couples try to do when planning their wedding. This celebration can easily turn into a $50,000 wedding, and that’s not a good reception budget for many couples. So, here are a few ideas on how you can save money and still have the same lavish wedding reception that you’ll remember fondly for a lifetime.

Saving Money on a Wedding Reception

The best place to save money starts with the wedding reception venue that you choose. Of course, you want an incredible place for your reception! Well, the good news is, you don’t have to scrimp. You need to make just a couple little adjustments.

Your Reception Date

You can save up to 50% on an incredible venue, like Villa Ragusa. How? Well, it’s easy. Schedule your wedding reception on one of the days Villa Ragusa offers discounted rates. You’ll receive everything you would normally receive at the full rate. If the date you choose is one of their days that are harder to book, then you’ll get a wonderful discount. So, don’t be shy. Ask for the nonprime dates.

Outside Catering

You might be able to find a less pricey caterer to do the meal at your wedding reception. There is a fee that will need to be paid to the venue when using your own caterer,  but do the math. It might be worth it to use a professional caterer that you already use for other events.


Think outside the box a little and you will be able to find inexpensive entertainment for your wedding reception. You might be able to find student musicians instead of professional acts, photobooths are less expensive than theatrical performers and a DJ is less costly than a full band.

Keeping Costs Down

It is too easy to spend more than is in the budget when it comes to weddings. Do your homework and ask friends for ideas, too. You’ll find you can shave many thousands of dollars from the cost of your reception.